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Byredo Thread

I’ve really enjoyed Byredo perfumes for a while, but I recently picked up a couple of their lipsticks and wanted to share some swatches. If you are interested in Byredo products, please share your experiences and recommendations!
My collection of full-size Byredo. I’ll dig up my purse sprays eventuallyMy collection of full-size Byredo. I’ll dig up my purse sprays eventually

The metal lipstick packaging is hefty and luxurious. The magnetic tops stay on securely.



The swatches: Top: Red & Blue, a satin finish with cool undertones; Bottom: Red Armchair, a matte finish with warm undertones. They go on smoothly and feel comfortable on the lips but I haven’t really taken them on a test drive yet. And yes, I’m obsessed with red lipsticks!

Re: Byredo Thread

@eshoe it is lovely but be warned it is not as shimmery as it appears. That was how it reacted to my eyeshadow when I applied it over top! 🙂

Re: Byredo Thread

Very helpful to know @ChristalM. I appreciate your thoroughness! I have been using a few different shadows as liner with this palette to try and mimic what you did and am happy with what I have. 

That being said…I am a sucker for sparkly liners and I love that your liner allowed the sparkles to shine through

Re: Byredo Thread

@eshoe Thank you for the swatches! I was curious about them.  It looks like 4 of the shades look pretty similar to eachother, they'd likely not make a difference on my eyes sadly.  Maybe try applying them wet? They could also just be a bad formula 😞 .

Re: Byredo Thread

Yes, four of them do look very similar on the skin, @sabrinas. They are all pretty, but the differentiation is so minute, that they appear nearly the same on my lids.

I love your idea of trying them wet! I will give that a go, thank you 🙏 

Re: Byredo Thread

Thank you for the tag and beautiful swatches @eshoe ! Wow this is prettier than other pics I’ve seen of it! Isn’t the packaging just so cool?! I’ve basically used my fingers for my palettes too tho my shades are so much darker. Not sure for yours.  Let us know please as the brush experiment continues! 🥰

Re: Byredo Thread

@Sunnysmom I scoured the internet for swatches of this! I am just not accustomed to using my fingertips, but that may be the way for this. 

Oh my, the palette itself. Just stunning, and what you would expect for something like this. I don’t mind paying for a little piece of (makeup) art, and I feel like that is what this is. I couldn’t bring myself to touch it for a day because it was just too beautiful, and I did not want to ruin it.


I will love it, I am determined to, simply for its beauty. Will update as brush experiment allows🖌

Re: Byredo Thread

Here’s a new lip shade in Transported I discovered. Anyone else get it? It’s super wearable. 



Re: Byredo Thread

@Sunnysmom I picked it up a few weeks ago! Transport leans towards a brick red. Here are swatches of all the Byredo lipsticks and the gloss in my collection: 


Re: Byredo Thread

They're gorgeous, @LCResz!

Re: Byredo Thread

Thanks for the swatches, @LCResz !  I love all these reds, but Transported is definitely my fave. ❤❤❤

Re: Byredo Thread

Love your collection @LCResz, so flattering on you! 🥰 I thought Transported was going to be brickier on me as well but it isn’t. Funny how it’s diff on us all! Mad Red is still my fav tho a few others are in good rotation as well! 

Re: Byredo Thread

Thx you @LCResz @Sunnysmom  for the eye candies 😘 They’re all beautiful. I got 3 (not super crazy about my color choice but I really like the formula). I can see I will hoard more in the future

Re: Byredo Thread

I think you’d enjoy the new one @blackkitty2014 ! Their formula is a winner for sure! 💞

Re: Byredo Thread

@Sunnysmom HAHA I did! I got with the other State of Emotions stuff ( eye shadow and Khol) Beautiful shade isn't it!

Re: Byredo Thread

😂 oh good @ChristalM , I had a hunch you did! 😘

Re: Byredo Thread

@Sunnysmom HAHA 😉 I also picked up Hermes 79 – Rouge Érable this weekend and Byredo Damson Jam...MUST STOP buying lipsticks! LOL

Re: Byredo Thread

Oh so fun @ChristalM ! Excited for u! 79, 82 are on my list! Yup you’re preaching to the choir over here! 😭

Re: Byredo Thread

@Sunnysmom 🙂


I was just going to look up some Hermes we not have a Hermes thread? Hummmmm

Re: Byredo Thread

@ChristalM @Sunnysmom - I thought we did, so I searched and found one:  The Hermes Thread.

Re: Byredo Thread

@Titian06 @Sunnysmom Ah yes!!! Thanks so much I thought we did!

Re: Byredo Thread

Yup it’s there @Titian06 @ChristalM tho sometimes it’s hard to find from the search I have found. 🥰

These were a few I had posted from Alexis Jong’s great pics on the New Releases thread awhile ago I think 😊. Rats meant to post this on Hermes. I will again. 🙂






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Conversation Stats
  • They tossed in 2 fragrance samples, yay!
  • 3 Colour Sticks on top, 2 Lipsticks on bottom.
  • My collection of full-size Byredo. I’ll dig up my purse sprays eventually
  • C3B43201-8C20-41E8-AE76-D791CDCFC81C.jpeg
  • 6875077E-C06E-4F31-80BF-9D90F140A44C.jpeg
  • A2809528-9200-433E-9913-A447B796A5DC.jpeg
  • I added Saie Mascara 101 and topped my lips with clear Glossier Lip Gloss.
  • At least you can't see the creasing when my eyes are open. :D
  • You can see Kumato starting to pool in my crease, and this was just 5-10 minutes after application.
  • Gold flecks are from the Vega Flash pencil.
  • Photo taken in warm bathroom lighting. LH's Vega Flash Crayon has a moderate gold shimmer that's hard to see here. Poppet is a Westman Atelier blush stick.
  • Byredo Metal Boots in the Snow.PNG
  • Byredo Metal Boots in the Snow 3.PNG
  • 4DD272C3-CE36-4290-89F9-C7868FA5A64F.jpeg
  • 9AE1A1ED-EDD7-4683-9B06-E49F9E56EBA5.jpeg