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Byredo Thread

I’ve really enjoyed Byredo perfumes for a while, but I recently picked up a couple of their lipsticks and wanted to share some swatches. If you are interested in Byredo products, please share your experiences and recommendations!
My collection of full-size Byredo. I’ll dig up my purse sprays eventuallyMy collection of full-size Byredo. I’ll dig up my purse sprays eventually

The metal lipstick packaging is hefty and luxurious. The magnetic tops stay on securely.



The swatches: Top: Red & Blue, a satin finish with cool undertones; Bottom: Red Armchair, a matte finish with warm undertones. They go on smoothly and feel comfortable on the lips but I haven’t really taken them on a test drive yet. And yes, I’m obsessed with red lipsticks!

Re: Byredo Thread

Probably so @itsfi ! 😊 Do you like your other one? This is my first. 

Re: Byredo Thread

@Sunnysmom  @itsfi   I just saw a demo of this palette on "Hey It's Jackeline"'s channel.  She did a really good job; it's so pretty!

Re: Byredo Thread

I haven’t seen her review on this one @Ispend2much6 , but I do think she does a nice job on her others that I have seen. 

Re: Byredo Thread

@Ispend2much6, thank you. @Sunnysmom‘s swatches are enough to get me to take a look at the palette (and probably the other one that is or coming out) the next time I’m in Byredo.

Re: Byredo Thread

@itsfi   If you're talking about the all-gray palette, please let me know what you think if you see it in person.  I saw some reviews, and it looks more dry than this one, and a little more glittery.  But the shades are so pretty!  Thank!

Re: Byredo Thread

Will do @Ispend2much6! I’ve seen some photos where the shadows are mostly black and others where it looks like a mix of greys and blacks. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Re: Byredo Thread

Ugh, that's beautiful!!  I think my shades also.  Is it scented?  Thanks for the tag @Sunnysmom .  I would have never considered this on my own.  I hope Black Friday is a bust, because I will have a tough time controlling myself. 😉 

Re: Byredo Thread

I debated quite awhile @Ispend2much6 . So pretty. No I don’t detect any real scent on it. Packaging is beautiful as well not that I bought it for that tho.  I am however always challenged getting them open when they have these closures, takes me a minute! 

Re: Byredo Thread

I haven't tried any makeup products yet though the packaging is fun!


Of the perfumes from this house, I've enjoyed Seven Veils which is this curious vanilla root beer thing and Pulp which kind of has a touch of rotting fruit, not your typical friendly fruity perfume, but I think Pulp is discontinued now? Inflorescence is a pretty white floral that gets overlooked. They were also one of the earlier houses to do western style ouds so while those don't stand out so much anymore, they were a little more challenging than TF's Oud Wood and I appreciate frontrunners.


Has anyone tried their candles yet? 🕯

Re: Byredo Thread

New perfume: Mumbai Noise. It sounds fantastic exactly like something I’d enjoy, can’t wait to try it out!

From the website:

Mumbai Noise – a tribute to the sensorial multitudes and multifaceted modernity of Mumbai, anchored in Ben Gorham’s memories of its past.

A scent crowded with contrasts: of rich, warm woods and amber blended with brightness; of plummy Davana positioned alongside leather; bitter coffee stirred with sweet tonka beans.

The mesmerising abundance of Chembur’s streets – the smoky haze of incense interspersed with streetside coffee carts and cacophonous soundscapes – is explored through a contemporary lens.

Re: Byredo Thread

A new eyeshadow palette from Byredo - Metal Boots In the Snow. Photos from Byredo site.

Byredo Metal Boots in the Snow.PNGByredo Metal Boots in the Snow 3.PNG


Re: Byredo Thread

The collaboration between Ouai and Byredo gives me hope we’ll see the full Byredo line being sold at Sephora sooner rather than later. 🤞


Re: Byredo Thread

Thanks for starting a Byredo thread, @LCResz ! What's your favorite fragrance? 


I'm also a big fan of red lipsticks... well, almost any shade of lipstick, really 😂. I'm still trying to declutter some of my reds. So when Byredo launched their makeup collection, I chose some not-red shades to try. 


They tossed in 2 fragrance samples, yay!They tossed in 2 fragrance samples, yay!3 Colour Sticks on top, 2 Lipsticks on bottom.3 Colour Sticks on top, 2 Lipsticks on bottom.



Color Stick, shades La Scene, Kumato, and Sauce - these sticks are multi-use. Surprisingly, I didn't buy one of the blue shades (I'm a big fan of blue lipstick and eyeshadow/liner). But one of the current blues, Ultramagnetic, is newer I think; I don't recall seeing that one when I bought these last fall. Miiiight have to pick that one up. Anyway, I haven't played with these nearly enough yet. This thread reminds me to try Sauce as a blush+highlighter, both alone and mixed with a separate cream blush... perhaps a Glossier Cloud Paint. Note to self! 


Lipstick, shades Semi-Formal and Tropical - if I recall correctly, these felt very comfy on my lips and held up well through several cups of water and coffee. I also remember them being quite fragranced, but not to an obnoxious YSL degree. Hmm, I should retest these. 



I'd love to hear from folks who've used the Prismic palette. I'm curious about it, but not quite enough to buy it. Sure, it's less expensive than a large Natasha Denona palette or Pat McGrath Mothership, and I have plenty of those... but I need to know how colorful Prismic really is and how the shadows perform, especially on deeper skin tones and hooded eyes. 

Re: Byredo Thread

@WinglessOne @LCResz oh great thread! I have a lipstick and all over color stick as well. Sorry I am not near my stash right now but I can get swatches later if anyone is interested. I like the lipstick fine, although not really enough to purchase another.


The all over color stick however I am really disappointed in! Any tips for these! As an eye color they crease in less than an hour on my. Ok as a blush I guess and dry as a lip colour. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear it!


As for the fragrances...I am in love with many but slow dance is one of my all time favourite!

Re: Byredo Thread

@ChristalM  Here are my photos and notes from last night. It sure was an adventure. 😂 


Color Sticks play session results 
Product/color palette I used: 
Photo taken in warm bathroom lighting. LH's Vega Flash Crayon has a moderate gold shimmer that's hard to see here. Poppet is a Westman Atelier blush stick.Photo taken in warm bathroom lighting. LH's Vega Flash Crayon has a moderate gold shimmer that's hard to see here. Poppet is a Westman Atelier blush stick.
I recreated a previous lip look using Color Stick shade Kumato over a full base coat of LH Cosmetics Vega Flash crayon: 
Gold flecks are from the Vega Flash pencil.Gold flecks are from the Vega Flash pencil.
Here’s the rest of my face (well, the side I applied makeup to): 
You can see Kumato starting to pool in my crease, and this was just 5-10 minutes after application.You can see Kumato starting to pool in my crease, and this was just 5-10 minutes after application.
Full product list and where each item appears on my face: 
Glowing skin is courtesy of OMI Verdio sunscreen, not any of these makeup products. 

  • Inner corner (eye) is partly the Bobbi Brown shadow stick I used as a primer there, plus some of Color Stick shade La Scene. 
  • Lid is Color Stick shade Kumato, blended with La Scene above the crease. 
  • Eyeliner is LH Cosmetics Vega Flash Crayon. 
  • Coppery orangey highlight on my face (cheekbone and orbital bone) is Color Stick shade La Scene. 
  • Blush is Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks stick in Poppet. I went way overboard with my messy uneven finger application. 😄 
My experience using the Color Sticks: 
When I tried Kumato last night as a cream shadow, I didn't use my trusty Smashbox Photo Finish 24 Hour Eyeshadow Primer. Instead I tried a beige Sigma shadow stick on one half of my right lid and a champagne Bobbi Brown shadow stick on the other half. Usually the Bobbi Brown shadow sticks work well as primers (very handy for travel). Not this time: Kumato creased a lot on my hooded eyes within 15 minutes. Ill have to try again with a grippy primer. 
Also, I couldn't quite work with Kumato or La Scene (the bronze metallic Color Stick) the way I normally work with shadow sticks. Neither of these was easily brush-blendable on my lids, even when I warmed them up on my hand first. Kumato kept wanting to blend away into oblivion, so I had to keep building it up. La Scene wasn't giving me quite the pop of color I expected on my inner corner. Sure, I have that problem with many copper and bronze shadows, but this was still frustrating. 
Luckily, La Scene was a bit easier to work with as a face highlighter than an eyeshadow. I applied from the stick straight onto my skin, did some initial finger blending to warm it up, and then used an eye brush (Luxie 209 Large Shader, which is firm yet slightly fluffy) to finish blending it out. 
Photos taken 10 minutes after the first photo: 
I added Saie Mascara 101 and topped my lips with clear Glossier Lip Gloss.I added Saie Mascara 101 and topped my lips with clear Glossier Lip Gloss.At least you can't see the creasing when my eyes are open. :DAt least you can't see the creasing when my eyes are open. 😄
Lessons learned: 
  1. Use a grippy eyeshadow primer for lid application. 
  2. Warm up the Color Sticks on the back of your hand (or directly on your face with your fingers) before trying to blend them out. 
  3. Consider using Color Sticks with a mixing medium. 
And I bet topping a Color Stick (on cheeks) with a clear balm or clear dewy highlighter, like Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Highlighter + Balm stick or RMS Living Luminizer, would make it much easier to work with. Will have to try that sometime. 

Re: Byredo Thread

@WinglessOne Wow thank you for such a detailed review! I have tried my usual primer with using them on my lids and yes, no go 😞 I get about 15 mins before they crease. I will try again but I think  I will get better use out of it as a lip product although sadly I wanted to sue it as a eye product but oh well. I got 482 Ancient which is a rusty rose tone so I will continue to try. It is too bad though 😞

Re: Byredo Thread

@ChristalM  I've used 2 of the Color Sticks on my lips a few times. I prepped my lips the same way I do for liquid mattes: my usual lip care (Glossier Bubblewrap applied to damp lips, topped a few minutes later with Aquaphor ointment, and sometimes Vanicream's SPF balm when I don't forget it), then MAC Prep + Prime Lip Primer. 


To get the most out of a Color Stick as lipstick, a full base coat of lip liner works best for me. Bite's, NARS's, MAC's, and Linda Hallberg's pencils all work well this way. Then I can swipe a Color Stick over the liner—though I find rubbing a Color Stick on the back of my hand to warm it up, and then applying that with a brush to my lips sometimes gives me better results. I've also topped all that with a clear or sheerly tinted gloss. You'll lose some of the Color Stick color that way and, depending on how good your lip liner and/or lip primer is, might get some bleeding/feathering. I haven't tried mixing a Color Stick with a lip-safe mixing medium yet... note to self! 


I'm gonna play with Kumato on my eyes in a few minutes. Will come back later with notes on that and maybe photos. 

Re: Byredo Thread

@WinglessOne I’ve always loved your lipstick reviews and swatches, you are absolutely fearless, fun, and fierce with your choices! I am definitely tempted by La Scene and Sauce, they look gorgeous!


My favorite perfume is La Reine de Nuit, hands down! Such a sultry and sexy scent, meant to be worn with bold red lips, the perfect LBD and dangerously high heels 😉💋👠


I tend to go for darker, musk-heavy scents, and none of the ones I’ve bought would ever be described as fruity or sickly sweet. Honestly, I haven’t worn any of them in a while, but I’ll be revisiting them soon so I can review them accurately!

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  • They tossed in 2 fragrance samples, yay!
  • 3 Colour Sticks on top, 2 Lipsticks on bottom.
  • My collection of full-size Byredo. I’ll dig up my purse sprays eventually
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  • 6875077E-C06E-4F31-80BF-9D90F140A44C.jpeg
  • A2809528-9200-433E-9913-A447B796A5DC.jpeg
  • I added Saie Mascara 101 and topped my lips with clear Glossier Lip Gloss.
  • At least you can't see the creasing when my eyes are open. :D
  • You can see Kumato starting to pool in my crease, and this was just 5-10 minutes after application.
  • Gold flecks are from the Vega Flash pencil.
  • Photo taken in warm bathroom lighting. LH's Vega Flash Crayon has a moderate gold shimmer that's hard to see here. Poppet is a Westman Atelier blush stick.
  • Byredo Metal Boots in the Snow.PNG
  • Byredo Metal Boots in the Snow 3.PNG
  • 4DD272C3-CE36-4290-89F9-C7868FA5A64F.jpeg
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