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Burberry Beauty Updates



In the vein of the recent Tom Ford Updates and Chanel Updates threads, I thought I would start one for Burberry! I think they have had a ton of great releases recently (new eye shadow formula, kisses lippies). Burberry is one of the most consistently good designer lines in my opinion.


what items have you liked recently from Burberry? Anything you are waiting for or have your eye on?


edit: latest runway palettes



Re: Burberry Beauty Updates

@okkraa Nordstrom carries Burberry, including a few items Sephora doesn't stock.

RE: Burberry Beauty Updates

Blush palette

Re: Burberry Beauty Updates

Haven't seen this one mentioned before. 

Pre-order at Saks


Screenshot (207).png



Burberry direct:

Screenshot (208).png


According to "Beauty Almanac (dot) com" it will be available at Nordstrom and Sephora.

Re: Burberry Beauty Updates


Re: Burberry Beauty Updates


Re: Burberry Beauty Updates

Does anyone has swatches for the Festive Silver Shimmer Illuminating Powder?

Re: Burberry Beauty Updates

Wonder the same thing @SalBing.  It looks pretty but i want to wait it out ... i'm eyeing on the Chanel ones but can only pick up 1 😉

Re: Burberry Beauty Updates

Re: Burberry Beauty Updates

SS 2018

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 10.26.40 AM.png

Re: Burberry Beauty Updates

I recently bought the eyeshadows in Pale Barley and Midnight Brown when they were on sale at Costco for about $12.99 each.  Since I had a $20 giftcard, I figured the purchase was meant to be. 🙂

I received them today, and I noticed that the texture is not the same as the Wet and Dry Glow formula.  They application was patchy.  Also, there was an odd, sort of rubbery smell to the shadows.

Did anyone else order them from Costco, and/or could you verify what I noticed as normal or not for the shadows?  I had tried some other shades from other retailers and I don't recall those issues.  Thank you!

By the way, Midnight Brown is a beautiful cool brown.

Re: Burberry Beauty Updates

I got both of my Burberry Beauty boxes in!




Box with Dark Earthy and Burberry Kisses in Russet. And box with Pale Barley and Lip Velvet Military Red. I do still prefer the one with eyeshadow. I love little sets like this. They're both super cute!

Re: Burberry Beauty Updates

Those sets are beautiful! I might have to pick one up during the point multiplier now. 😄

RE: Burberry Beauty Updates

I thought I'd pop back in and post pictures of the US box. As mentioned below by @lipstick4soul the outer packaging is different with a plastic sleeve. The box itself also seems to be lacking the luxe feel it used to have. The Earthy Blush included in a previous box was Earthy Blush Light Glow No. 7. The one included in this one is Dark Earthy Light Glow No.11 Clearly different shades which is nice. Though I do prefer the mini cheek brush they used to include to the mascara.

Re: RE: Burberry Beauty Updates

Excellent comparison @Mcakes. Thanks so much. 

Re: RE: Burberry Beauty Updates

Thanks for the info!

Re: Burberry Beauty Updates

The new blush palette is in stock! Any idea when ebates will have 8 percent again so I can maximize my deals if I pick it up?

Re: Burberry Beauty Updates

I noticed the the picture of the new runway palette blush has been updated to be same as one from Burberry direct site (posted by @lachaton) I think the original listing had the blush without the overspray. I got mine a few days ago and agree with @Mochapj take a couple pages back that this is almost same as plum blush from earlier in the year. Seems like a pass to me unless you are a collector 😉 One of these days I will update the main posting with a picture of all the runway palettes...



RE: Burberry Beauty Updates

The new Beauty Box arrived. It does in fact include a full sized Pale Barley eyeshadow.

Re: RE: Burberry Beauty Updates

UPDATE: I noticed this morning that the Burberry Box on has been updated to show Light Glow in Dark Earthy No.11 (0.09 oz/ 2.7 g) instead of Pale Barley.  (If anyone is interested in Dark Eathy No 11 and would be willing to trade it for Pale Barley, let me know.) @lipstick4soul @Ispend2much6 @eastwaard @nellygirl


In a search last night, Net-A-Porter has a similar beauty box except it offers Military Red for the lipstick vs. Russet, which suits me better.

Re: RE: Burberry Beauty Updates

@TraceyEB WHAT. I could have sworn that it wouldn't let me add it to my cart when I first looked. I do really want to get it since it's different enough. Especially with the Guerlain promo code. Quit enabling me lol

Re: RE: Burberry Beauty Updates

@FroleyI noticed that this Burberry Box is available to VIB as well. You should qualify to purchase it if interested.