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Bobbi Brown Thread

The Bobbi Brown thread.  Bobbi Brown was the first brand that got me excited about makeup.  So I'll always have a soft spot for BB.  And now Sephora has the amazing 25 year year palette.

Note, the holiday lip shade is sold out on Nordstrom.  I'm going to be watching for it on Sephora's site.



Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@MaliBT I have the shimmer bricks palette in my loves and will likely be buying it very soon.  Such a steal.  There were so many things on the site so fast, deciding got tough.  But it just might be a must have.

Bobbi Brown was the first brand that really got me buying makeup.  I was so new to looking polished and I remember walking away with the taupe eyeshadow, brown and nude lipsticks, pink blush and that foundation stick.  Then I moved on to bronzer and a shimmer lipstick (raspberry, different than the raspberry today).  Beach is still a favorite scent and I never run out.

Seems like the brand deserves it's own thread!


Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

I don't own a single shimmer brick and I am definately eyeing up this one! I can't decide between this and the Laura Mercier..decisions decisions.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

I have my eyes on this. Hopefully it is still around during Nov sale.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@blackkitty2014 That's my plan too!  I'm hoping it lasts long enough for the sale.  Great deal but still expensive.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@meganlisa, I picked up the palette during the in-store Rouge event but have not touched it yet.  It's so sad that I don't want to mess up the pretty shimmers by swirling a brush in it. 😞 I'll use it eventually...probably when I'm done staring at it (maybe Christmas?).

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@angelKiss24 If you do swirl I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Must have?  I can totally understand why you don't want to touch it.  So lovely!

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread



Totally! I love it. Yeah purchases can definitely be hard to decide. I might need to get the Bobbi To Glow 🙂 I don't have that yet! 




Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@MaliBT The palette will be mine...I just might wait until the VIB sale, hoping it lasts.  So many lovelies lately!

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Thanks for starting this thread, @meganlisa!  🙂

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Titian06 You're welcome.  Appreciate the support.  Bobbi got me started loving makeup.  The brand needs it's own thread!

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread


NY, limited edition blush and beach (always dear to my heart).


bobbi ny.jpgbobbi blush.jpgbobbi beach.jpg

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

BB really upped their game with these city palettes. They are gorgeous in person (I saw them at Nordstroms but didn't swatch). Lovely packaging and pretty, wearable color combinations. 

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@lipstick4soul Agreed.  They're so practical too.  I used to have a small BB palette when I traveled all of the time for work and it was perfect.  Great basic, and always appropriate.  I should go swatch these!

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@meganlisa  I saw a demo of all 3 cities' palettes on Youtube (BBPro Hannah Martin's channel.)  Now I really want both Paris and New York!

Did you know about the free $30 off of $80 purchase at Gilt City for Bobbi Brown cosmetics?


Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Ispend2much6 I got the gilt promo.  But, and call me totally crazy and delusional (I know, I know) but I really believe that I will get that Sephora BB rewards from the bazaar.  No, my chances aren't good and, try though I may, seemingly I can never get those stupid rewards.  But this year will be different!!!  So I'm not using my gilt promo until after I try (and probably loose) that BB reward.

What did you get?  Or still holding out as well?

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Sorry @meganlisa, the BB reward will be mine. Lol 🙂

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@blackkitty2014 There will be more than one!  We should have a deal...if...after we get it...we send the other a head's up PM (not before because it might go OOS)!

If we miss it...well...we can cry together!

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