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Beautylish thread

I think quite a few us shop and beautylish outside of the lucky box. This thread will be dedicated to all things beautylish. For those that don’t know Beautylish sells Wayne Goss and Sonia G brushes. Please feel free to add updates.

Re: Beautylish thread


It's here.  Not very impressive though.  Most of items are 20% off. But they do have couple Wayne Goss's items liked brow set and 00 powder brush for 20% off.  I picked up the black 00 powder brush.

Re: Beautylish thread

For their first-ever, imo, the selection is pretty good.   Nearly each brand is offering something, some more than others.  If everything was deeply discounted, I think I'd go too far.   I'd buy all the WG brushes, like all of them.  I had my eye on the 00 for a while, but after a YT review, I went with the 24S because of the cost and  slightly different shape.  


Also, I just kind of enjoyed browsing, and looking through some of the brands I've heard about on the boards.  I was always curious about Inglot, so I picked up a single shadow and some crazy lashes.

@sportygirly125, thank you for the rec! Had to grab up a...

@SportyGirly125, thank you for the rec! Had to grab up a couple of those!

Re: Beautylish thread

@danielledanielle Inglot is such a good brand that not a lot of people know about. Their eyeshadows are great but their gel liners are amazing. 

Re: Beautylish thread

@blackkitty2014  Considering my track record of damaged eyeshadow palettes shipped from Sephora, I probably won’t buy more from Sephora (regardless of discount) unless I can get it in-store. So I’m tempted by Beautylish’s 20% off many Natasha Denona (all her non-mini 5 pans!) and some Viseart. Luckily it’s easier for me to resist palettes than lipstick. 


Instead I’m trying to focus on things Sephora, Ulta, or Nordstrom don’t carry. Looks like all Inglot is 30% off and I’m trying not to buy all of their AMC eyeliner gel pots. (3 of them are definitely staying in my cart.) Also trying to ignore the 20% off all Lina Choo, though I’ve wanted to try one of those lipsticks for a while now. I do wish a wider selection of brands and items were on sale. At least the limited options mean I’ll spend less money. 😂 

Re: Beautylish thread

Why did you mention Lina Choo for? lol I now have to go look!!! Bad bad @WinglessOne! Just kidding! I dont blame you.  Even if i dont have bad luck with broken eyeshadow palette, i try to limit myself ti shop at Sephora.  Yup! I get annoyed with the stupid target coupons.  I have couple GCs so i will buy things from the upcoming sales but wont spend any extra money beside the GCs.  And from now on, whatever Sephora carries and i can find from somewhere else with the same price, i will shop at that somewhere else.  For Natasha Denona, if you can wait, those 5 pan palettes are normally at 40% off during Xmas/black friday sale on her site. Smiley Wink

Re: Beautylish thread

@blackkitty2014  Why, I would never try to enable a lipstick lover’s habit, noooo, not me! 😈🤣


Thanks for the Black Friday reminder. I need to keep reminding myself of that  for other brands and retailers, too. Too bad this Beautylish sale isn’t happening during their gift card event. Or maybe that’s a good thing, otherwise I’d be tempted to spend even more money to rack up more gift cards. 

Re: Beautylish thread

@WinglessOne I got a Lina Choo lipstick in my Lucky Bag and everything from the packaging to the lipstick is beautiful 

Re: Beautylish thread

@SportyGirly125  How does the lipstick perform? Is it comfy to wear? Drying at all? A true matte finish, or more of a demi-matte (partly creamy)? Opaque coverage? Any bleeding/feathering? Does it wear down quickly or unevenly? Or if it has an even weardown, does it leave a nicely pigmented stain behind? 


Not that I’m fussy about lipsticks or anything... 😂

Re: Beautylish thread

@WinglessOne I honestly have not used it because it’s so pretty. I got the color da Vinci plus I’m more of a gloss girl. I got to wear it one day. 

Re: Beautylish thread

@blackkitty2014 Agreed - the only thing I picked up with the Wayne Goss powder brush. It's something I've wanted forever and it like never goes on sale. I almost caved and got the Lina Woo mini lip set because I have one full size I like but I feel like mini lip sets I always only end up liking half the colors and I'd rather just get another CT one during the Sephora sale. 

Re: Beautylish thread

Me too @Kim888 .. i want to try that 00 brush liked forever ... They do have some Natasha Denona but most of those we can pick up at direct site during Xmas sale for 30%-40% off Smiley Wink  I was hoping to see some Chikuhodo or Sonia G on sales but no buenos Smiley Wink 

RE: Beautylish thread

This is how my Natasha Denona palette came to protect it from damage.

I've had a few of my ND palettes come like that from Seph...

I've had a few of my ND palettes come like that from Sephora too. I really wish it was a common practice with all the more expensive/soft palettes! @KNC24 

RE: I've had a few of my ND palettes come like that from Seph...

@sonnydee a lot my regular palettes $65 and under come in bubble wrap. I bought the tropic palette and it didn’t come like this. I ended up returning it though. Didn’t care for the formula. My pan started sealing plus the pigment was pressed so hard it was hard to pick up products

RE: Beautylish thread

This is how the old wrapping would look like minus the shadows paper

RE: Beautylish thread

One new change with beautylish is the wrapping paper changed. Previously it black paper wrapped. Now this the new wrapping.

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