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Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Hi! I haven't seen a current thread about CP and was wondering if there were any fans here! I know its not High End, but the quality is great and I love my growing collection and would love to see anyone elses Smiley Happy 

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

@mztm I like applying the highlighters with a duo fiber brush (I use the ELF one) but tapping it on with a finger also works.

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

@mztm I actually use my fingers for the eye shadows (Super Shock - I don't have any of the pressed powders). I think someone suggested using the little sponge applicators that you can buy in packs, but I haven't tried that yet. Sometimes I like to use the brighter colors as an eyeliner and then I use a very fine eyeliner brush (I think it's It Cosmetics for Ulta).


I also had a bit of a hard time picking up enough color for the highlighters. I tried several different brushes and found that the Real Techniques setting brush worked the best for me. 


I am actually not certain what I use for the blush, because I only have one & don't use it all that often. I'm thinking that I use another Real Techniques brush because those (at least the ones I have) are a little rougher and they pick up product better than my elf brushes, which are quite soft.


I hope that helps!

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

thank i have to buy the real techniques brush to actually use it..i hope i di my research in advance Smiley Sad

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

@mztm I'm assuming you mean the creamy eyeshadows, not the pressed ones? If so, I find my fingertips work far better with Colourpop than any brush I've tried.


I find this true of most cream products, though, but especially so with Colourpop.

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

thank you will try the finger method too

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

I've given some Colourpop items as gifts and I have tried a handful of their items (ultra matte lipsticks, lippie stix - ugh at the name, pressed shadows and super shock shadows). I have heard their lip and gel liners are great too. 


I like how affordable Colourpop is, but their products are hit and miss. I especially dislike their Ultra Matte formula and their colors are significantly darker than what the bottle/swatches show from my experience.


I enjoy the lippie stix, super shock shadows and the pressed shadows that I have tried. I prefer the Kylie formula, which is a little better than Colourpop's Ultra Matte formula, even though Kylie's liquid lipsticks has that unnecessary sweet fragrance added to them.


I side eye how Kylie apparently had a great liquid lipstick formula originally. Then she went for an inferior, cost-cutting formulation but kept pricing the same. (FYI for those that don't know, Colourpop and Kylie Cosmetics are sister companies and many believe Colourpop private labels Kylie's products). 


Bottom line: Colourpop is great for the price and if you're relatively new to makeup like myself. 

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

@Karmatic Did you notice that Kylie now coincidently also has pressed blushes and highlighters? Which happen to be in rectangular pans with cardboard packaging.

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

@makeitup305 Yes ma'am, I did. SMH, I am not surprised that Kylie's product sales are beginning to slow down for that & many other QC + CS issues.


I personally don't find the blush names appropriate given her target demographic and what we know about her relationship. 😒


At first, it looked like the two brands were doing their own thing since Kylie came out with pressed eyeshadow palettes and Colourpop is known for their super shock shadows.


Then Colourpop "coincidentally" came out with pressed eye shadows. Now Kylie has velvet lip kits that look like the Ultra Satin lipsticks. 


Listen, I understand private labeling is a common thing in the beauty industry... but at least don't make it so obvious, Colourpop and Kylie Cosmetics! 🙄

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Is the $5 off referral link still work? If it does can someone pretty please PM it to me. I want to make my first order to try some of the highlighters .Thanks so much!! :-)

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Here's a 5$ off coupon code 

Smiley Happy

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Thanks so much candygirl438!!! :-)

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

@CAcay It's disabled right now since they are doing the free palette promo:/

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Awww, thanks so much for letting me know.

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

My colourpop order arrived today and I am very impressed! I can see myself reaching out for the super shock eyeshadows often for a quick wash of color or a pop of glittery magic on the eyes.



I also LOVED the satin lip. The matte lip was great as well, but the satin also looked fairly matte on me and looked more flattering(texture wise). I will place another order to get more of the satin lips and more super sparkly eyeshadows.


I took a couple of photos in natural light:


Lips: Alyssa satin

Highlighter: Smoke and n whistles (with a light hand)

Eye: "Puppy love" on the inner corner, "Cornelius" as a base, "Weenie" on the crease/outer corner and "I <3 this" for the pop of glitter


Forgive the foundation. I tried a sample of graftobian and I hate it, but can't be bothered to take it off and start again Smiley Tongue


Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Hi what brushes are u using?

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?



To apply color either finger or a flat synthetic brush (I honestly prefer the finger method to pack color)


To blend I use whatever synthetic brush I have, but I am really considering buying the one from colourpop, as I hear good things about it and it's fairly inexpensive. 


Under the eyes for smudging I am using a flat synthetic eyeliner brush.


I apply the highlighter with my fingers and then if needed I diffuse it with my beauty blender


I don't own any of the blushes, but in general I like applying cream blushes with a beauty blender as well




Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Soo pretty!! Your house has the best lighting I have ever seen

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Yes, there is this one window in the house that has great lighting. Obviously most of my selfies have the same background lol Smiley Very Happy

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

I didn't even have anything in mind while browsing the colourpop website - but still .. I ended up placing an order for some super shock shadows (my first!) and the topaz palette. IM SO EXCITED!


I think I'm delirious .. too much time spent swatch searching for the shadows. lol 

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

It's a real effort to research all those swatches prior to placing an order isn't it? I feel the need to research it to death prior to "allowing" myself to place an order... 

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?


YESSS ..the worsttttttt is finding a swatch and its so filtered out that you have to spend extra time finding swatches in NORMAL lighting.