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Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Hi! I haven't seen a current thread about CP and was wondering if there were any fans here! I know its not High End, but the quality is great and I love my growing collection and would love to see anyone elses 🙂 

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Bossy has a cooler undertone, although they are both mid-tone reds. Frenchie is a bit brighter, but that's because the slight yellow/orange undertones bring more light to it, although really it leans more toward neutral undertone territory. Personally I prefer Frenchie for everyday wear. Even though it's technically "brighter", I wouldn't classify it as neon or overly bright and I think it looks very fresh and casual. Bossy seems darker because of the undertone, and I think it's a beautiful "hollywood starlet red-carpet" kind of red. 

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Frenchie is a neon red vs bossy that is a blue toned red 🙂

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

I forgot Bitchette is in my makeup basket. It's a nice wine/Berry color 



Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Beautiful!!!! Nice collection!! Im doing some more swatches of mine 🙂

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Thank you! I can post swatches tomorrow if you (or anyone) are interested in any particular shades. 🙂

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

I always love swatches 🙂

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

This is in the Dealstogoodtopassup thread but in case someone didn't see. 




Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Warning rant ahead!!!!


Why do they do these godforsaken sets?  I mean really?  What are we gaining other than a few color we won't use and will probably throw out which means the ones you DO keep cost more than the $5 you would have paid had it been just a regular single.


I understand the product is super cheap, but it seems a waste to release sets when there is NO price break.   I only want 2 shades out of six, which means if I buy the set...I'm paying $15 per shadow I will ACTUALLY use!


They need to stop doing this crap for real!






Feel a bit better now.  LOL

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

There is a FB Colourpop Group and people split sets or sell stuff unwanted. Its not hard to sell ColourPop at all 🙂 Its called ColourPop Fanatics (great group of girls) 🙂 

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Must google imme-jet-ly!  LOL




It's a closed group...*sads*

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Just send a request and you will get approved fast 🙂 

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

I have requested to join the group 2x and I believe I'm being rejected.  LOL.  I have a "male" first name so it may be the reason I've been denied, but it still sucks they would deny a "guy" the fun of trading and buying makeup!  LOL  


I probably need to stay away from CP for a while anyway.

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

I totally understand but TBH there are some colors in sets get me out of my comfort zone and I'm appreciative of that. Plus since its so cheap I dont mind, but I understand your frustration 🙂

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

I love colourpop! I actually just placed on order today.

2 lip pencils,

7 eyeshadows

2 blushes

Best part it doesn't break the bank

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Yay!! What colors did you get? 

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Lip Pencils in Oh Snap and Contempo

Single eyeshadows in Party Time, Stereo, and Mixed Tape

The Metamorphosis quad from Coffee Break with Dani

Blush in Cruel Intentions (couldn't resist the name I felt so bad watching that movie when my mother wouldn't allow it) and the shade Thumper.


I cant wait to play with the metamorphosis quad!

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Cool!The only lippie stix pencil I got was Oh snap since it was deeper then the color for the true 90s feel 😉

CBWD quad is nice, but the 2 transformers are only meant to be worn over other colors which they didnt specify when they first came out and lead to some backlash. Now knowing about the sheer opal finish it makes sense. I did a swatch here of them both over a black and white base 🙂

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

That's why I cant wait to try it to see how it works over other shades I got!

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

You dont need much. Just a nice dusting works. I hope you love them!! 🙂 

Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

I LOVE ColourPop! I just actually got a mini haul of products and the formulas are super unique! 

Shadows are La La, Hustle, and Mooning!


Re: Any ColourPop Fans Here?

Stunning! I might have to get them with the sale!!!