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All Things Dior

Please correct me if I'm wrong - I don't see a Dior Thread?!




Holiday 2016 - Now available online at Neiman Marcus and from Dior Direct (thanks @purly and @veronika23!):


original (5).png


original (1).png


original (2).png







Spring 2017 Preview (thank you @TriesToBoClassy & @KMariel!)


original (4).png


original (11).jpg



New book out now (thank you @lipstick4soul😞




History of Dior makeup in context of art and fashion. 12 chapters each featuring a different color, with campaign photography and design from legends like guy bourdin and serge lutens.

Re: All Things Dior

I bet the candle is really pretty @KateGreen ! Does it smell yummy?! I hear you on the powder, I’d hoped for a sheer soft glow. Like WA with a bit of shimmer maybe. 

Re: All Things Dior

How disappointing about the powder, @Sunnysmom. I'm glad you like the lipstick! It looks so beautiful.

Re: All Things Dior

‘Twas @curlychiquita , so sad. This almost never happens to me! 😢 I do like this Addict shine formula. Reminds me of Chanel’s as well. Very comfy and great color range. Do you have any of them? So many good nudes! 

Re: All Things Dior

@Sunnysmom I didn't get anything from the collection this time although I thought about it. I can't decide which holiday collection I like best from which brand. There are too many good ones!

Re: All Things Dior

So true @curlychiquita , looks like a beautiful holiday season once again! 

Re: All Things Dior

Oh man that lipstick case is so gorgeous @Sunnysmom 👌🌹❤️ Too bad about the powder. I’m going to return mine 😢

Re: All Things Dior

I am too @blackkitty2014 . I truly hate to but it’s just not an ok product. Despite the beautiful compact! At least we can get the same effect with the lip case and for a bunch less! ☺️

Re: All Things Dior

The lipstick, both cases, and packaging are soooo pretty, @Sunnysmom ! 😍  Too bad about the powder/glitter! 😝

Re: All Things Dior

It is such a pretty and sophisticated group of items @Titian06 ! I bet the candle and other items are cool too. If you love glitter it’s the best probably!! 😂

Re: All Things Dior

LE Dior Cushion Powder available online, along with some other holiday goodies from the brand.

Dior millefiore LE cushion.png

Dior Dior Écrin Couture Iconic Eye Palette 



Re: All Things Dior

Thx @itsfi . One word of warning on the Dior cushion powder. Unless you like pure glitter don’t buy. I got it from direct and was thinking about returning it

Re: All Things Dior

Thats so sad to hear! I thought the packaging was so cute and it would be a nice loose highlighter but I guess not 😭😭😭

Re: All Things Dior

@blackkitty2014 Oh no!!!!😮

Re: All Things Dior

Sadly I can agree with you @blackkitty2014, it's a bit disappointing unless a person is a total glitter lover! Arggh. I'm debating same thing because it's sooo pretty but kind of useless for me. Tragic! The pattern is just so

pretty! @itsfi @Titian06 .
I was about to post my pic so I will here. 😞 Def keeping the lippie tho! What a surprise to see the LE show up on here too! Lucky folks to get it on a deal! 😊

Re: All Things Dior

Thanks for the warning , @blackkitty2014 !  Glitter is not it for me! 😝

Re: All Things Dior

@Titian06 I want to keep it but I don’t know what I’m gonna do with the whole compact of loose glitter 😘

Re: All Things Dior

Glitter party @blackkitty2014 @Titian06? 🤪



Re: All Things Dior

I love it @itsfi @Titian06 🥰 i😂🤣 or maybe me and @Sunnysmom @can have glitter fight 😂🤣🥰😍

Re: All Things Dior

@itsfi @blackkitty2014 - LOL 🤣🥳

Re: All Things Dior

Thank you!!! That is very good to know @blackkitty2014! I was not planning on picking up the cushion - I've picked up plenty of things from Dior already. hahaha! But that's good info and will be helpful to others considering the item.

Re: All Things Dior

I just don’t want anyone disappointed the way I was @itsfi 😘 I def want the quint but want to wait to use my F&F coupon until Ct and TF drop 😘