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which curling iron ?


 There seem to be so many different size curling irons out there - how do I know what size to get (1 inch , 3/4 inch etc) ? Can anyone recommend a good one?


Re: which curling iron ?

Alot depends on the size curl you want and how long your hair is, Could you give a good description of your hair legnth and what kind of curl you want.

Re: which curling iron ?

My hair is about shoulder length and is fine and dry.  I would like a somewhat medium size curl. And nothing that will fall flat. Thanks for your advice!

Re: which curling iron ?

I'm a Hairstylist so i hope i can help! If it's shoulder legnth you don't want anything bigger than and inch, it might not even be a curl, I would reccomend you use a flat iron to make curls, I don't know if you have ever tried it but thats how i prefer to curl hair. If you want a curling iron i would suggest one thats one inch. Whether you use one thats $200 or $20 it doesn't matter the brand, My favorite brand though is Babyliss, It's not available at Sephora but Ulta carries it i think. 


A good tip to remember is to use a heat protectant. Sephora has alot of great ones. I recommend Alterna's Bamboo Kendi Oil before you use the curler, and Use a Working hairspray before you curl as well. I recommend Redken Fashion works working spray, just spray alittle on each section before you curl. And after you can use the same one or a stronger hold. 



Re: which curling iron ?

Thanks, that does help!

Re: which curling iron ?

I have the karmin g3 and it really works great. It doesn't burn my hair and it actually makes it shine Smiley Happy it's really worth your time so check it out and considering buying it since it will really be worth your money too Smiley Happy

Re: which curling iron ?

I will look into getting one. Thanks!

Re: which curling iron ?

I use the karmin g3 clipless curling iron, it's pretty good, the 1" is better. I can make pretty long lasting curls and waves. Smiley Very Happy it's great. if you are interested u can check it out at safrons. com Smiley Very Happy


Re: which curling iron ?

That is the second recommendation I received for karmin g3! Thanks

Re: which curling iron ?

i have invested in the Sultra  Bombshell 1" curling iron; i have long hair and normally when i curled my hair with other irons, curls would dissaper by the end of the day! With this iron my curls last all day long, and i can do many different styles. Yes iron gets pretty hot and you have to be really careful, but once you figure out how to use it - Its amazing!!

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