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whats the best products for hair loss???

Im 27 years and Iam loosing my hair like crazy... i went to the doctor and he said everything is fine.....possible stress related.... i feel like i will become bold soon....feel like crying when taking shower.......please help.....also my hair hair get oily after 1 day of shower but dry on the ends Smiley Sad   what should i doooooo

Re: whats the best products for hair loss???

My hubby face the same issue, practically nothing works for him except Traditional Chinese Medicine. U might want to try TCM for helps, it usually take about a month to see results.


Re: whats the best products for hair loss???

one of the products that I know of is bumble and bumble hair powder it makes it look like you dont have thin or balding hair by spraying a colored solution onto your scalp and hair (daily)


Re: whats the best products for hair loss???

I was losing my hair due to stress. Because of that my scalp went bonkers! I became sensitive to the usual shampoos/conditioners I was using.  I switched to Wen Cleansers.  It helped my hair start to grow back. Unfortunately, the one I use is not sold at Sephora, It is the Lavender scented one.  I also use shampoos that are basically free on known irritants. I also use shampoos and conditioners called Abba, which you can purchase from Salons. I have tried Phtyo products, they did not do anything for thinning of my hair. Possibly you have become allergic to hair products you had been using. In your situation its best to read the labels of what is in the shampoo and conditioners you are using. 


Along with the hair products I suggested, I am taking a

B-Complex vitamin everyday.  I really feel the vitamin helped by working internally to address my hair thinning. You may want to ask your Physician about the vitamin if you decide to use it.

Re: whats the best products for hair loss???

If you use Nioxin, be sure to get all three steps. Most people just buy the shampoo/conditioner but there is a third treatment step that needs to be used. I find it works well for my hair loss due to Hashimoto's thyroiditis. It really removes the oils and anything else that can build up and clog . It can also remove build up due to medications. Bosley BOS DEFENSE its another good one for hair loss.

Re: whats the best products for hair loss???

I had both thyroid and parathyroid issues. Both caused hair loss. These issues are tricky, because it can take a while to show up on blood work. It took a year to get diagnosed after seeing three different MDs . I was finally diagnosed by an endocrinologist  It's best to see an endocrinologist. Good luck. 

Re: whats the best products for hair loss???

In addition to product for your hair, you may want to look more into scalp treatment to better fortify at the follicle level.  


It seems illogical, but if you shower every day (to fight the oiliness), it's what is causing the oiliness - your hair trying to replenish the good oils that you wash away daily.

I have this problem as well.  I'm still looking for a good dry shampoo but I try not to shower as much during the weekends to give my hair time to normalize.  Also, when you shower, only apply condition mid-length down.


I freak out every time I'm in the shower when clumps of hair show up in my hands - had every test done and nothing medical came up.  Doctor said it was stress and also, possibly, the sleep apnea I suffer.  Not sleeping well impacts a lot of things.


Good luck - I'm right there with ya!

Re: whats the best products for hair loss???

Hey, this is so weird because I'm 21 and have been dealing with the exact same thing. My hair used to be so thick that I regularly broke large hairbands, now I can probably use baby hairties. My thyroid levels are fine, so if you haven't gotten those checked definitely do it. I heard it might be my parathyroid so that's next on the list.

Warmer weather, taking some time each day to pamper myself, and taking the Phytophanere dietary pills have helped slow it a little. The best thing about the pills is that I've noticed my hair growing faster and I have tons of little frizzy hairs that hopefully mean my hair is growing back. I would definitely start with the pills while forcing your doctor to figure out why you're losing your hair at such a young age.

Re: whats the best products for hair loss???

Sooooo I just looked at my comment to you and it bleeped out a word I used 3 times. At first I was horrified because I was wondering what terrible word I accidently typed. But, it actually bleeped out the lay word for the allergy testing I was talking about. So, when reading my comment below, please note that I was talking about the allergy test that pokes your skin. Hope you get some advice here, whether it be from me or others, that is helpful for you. Seeing clumps of hair in the drain is so unnerving!  

Re: whats the best products for hair loss???

I had a good laugh Googling the name for that test. Good job bleeping it up BT auto-censoring! Very funny!

Re: whats the best products for hair loss???

Hi agentka007, I am so sorry you are dealing with hair loss. I am also 27 and have been dealing with hair loss (breakage and thinning) on and off again for over 2 years.


First of all, I second lovebird411’s advice about checking thyroid levels. The blood test only captures a moment in time for your thyroid hormones, which vary over time. So even if it was normal one time, you may want to request additional testing later on, especially if you have additional symptoms that could be thyroid related. Also, the “normal range” for thyroid levels is huge. If you are close to the edges of this normal range, you may be experiencing symptoms despite falling just within the range (this was the case for me). Also, I would encourage you to speak to your doctor about blood tests for food allergies if you haven’t already – this was also a problem for me that was contributing to my hair (and acne) problems and was easily corrected by eliminating problem foods. And, I did do the standard skin **bleep** test before the blood test, and the skin **bleep** test didn’t end up showing the foods I was allergic to, so if you had a skin **bleep** allergy test perhaps a blood allergy test is something to look into.


As for products, I like Andalou Naturals for thinning hair. They aren’t very expensive and they are gluten free (which is necessary for me).


Andalou Naturals Age Defying Scalp Intensive with Argan Stem Cells – I put this treatment on towel dried hair. It seems to be helping and it gives a little lift at the root when applied which makes my hair seem fuller.


Andalou Naturals Age Defying Shampoo with Argan Stem Cells


Andalou Naturals Age Defying Conditioner with Argan Stem Cells

Re: whats the best products for hair loss???

Have you had your thyroid levels checked out? I know you said you went to a doctor but sometimes they misread the symptoms as stress, poor diet, etc. I've been dealing with hypothyroidism since I was 12 (it's rare for it to start that early though). Do you feel sluggish and have issues regulating your body temp? Weight gain or loss? Overtime, it can become a serious issue. All it takes to determine is just some blood tests so I'd recommend getting checked out again. If I don't take my thyroid meds for a while I do notice my hair falls out more and my skin loses it's color. Best wishes!

Re: whats the best products for hair loss???


Re: whats the best products for hair loss???

I completely agree with vitamins.  I'm a vitamin-a-holic myself.  Also, is your hair falling out or breaking?  There is a difference.  I started having a huge breakage problem about a month ago for ???  Stress?  Hormones?  Anyway, I started using Alterna Caviar Overnight Treatment then Alterna Caviar Repair Rx shampoo and conditioner and wow.  My hair did a complete 180.  Yes, I still have wisps where it has broken.  Nothing will fix that but growing out and trimming, but it's much stronger, much softer and much healthier.  For the record, I have very thick, coarse, wavy hair.  These treatments may be too much for someone with thinner hair but it was perfect for me.


Grace & Peace!

Re: whats the best products for hair loss???

I agree with PoshDarling. Biotin is great for hair and nails and so is Vitamin D. But besides that, it may also just be your diet. Foods with omega-3s are really great (flax seeds, salmon, etc.). Also, washing your hair every day can also lead to damage. So instead of washing it every day because it gets oily, try dry shampoo (Batiste Dry Shampoo is my favorite). It absorbs all the oil without washing your hair again. 


Hope this helps!

Re: whats the best products for hair loss???

A friend of mine used Nioxin when their hair started to thin and go away, it's a good formula for hair loss - I used it once or twice just to try and loved how thick my hair felt afterward.


Hope you find a solution, I wish you luck! Smiley Happy

Re: whats the best products for hair loss???

You might want to think about taking Biotin, as that will help strengthen and lengthen your hair.


In the meantime, what products are you using? Is your hair double processed?


Years ago, I was bleaching my whole head, and finally my hair had enough and started falling out in clumps. It was such a depressing time, and I had to end up cutting off most of the length and starting over. It took awhile to get where I wanted to be again, but I've been super careful about keeping my hair healthy ever since.


If you're not already, you'll want to start using a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated for your hair type (dry hair? pick up a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner), and so forth. You can also pick up a hair mask and a strengthening treatment.


When I had my hair woes, I used Kerastase Bain Force line (in the green bottles), which helped me a lot at the time. I don't know if they've been reformulated since then, but I had a lot of success using that line.

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