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styling products for thick hair

Hey ladies, 

I just got a cool new shoulder length do and would like some help finding the right styling products for me. I am used to having my hair quite long, and it's very thick. When my hair was long, I don't normally use a lot of products except for maybe hairspray/ heat protection. Just looking for a product that will help add definition/texture to my hair. Thanks!

Re: styling products for thick hair

I use Dirt hair paste by Johnathan. It smells like almonds and a small amount of product goes a long way.


It seems intimidatingly dense, but taking a small amount in your palms and rubbing them together warms up the product for easier application. The result is a quick setting hair product which can tame even my thick and crazy hair Smiley Happy

Re: styling products for thick hair

Thre's a line of styling products by Pro naturals that are very good, they're sulfate free and use argan oil. They're super for thick hair and though I don't know what your hair type is, my hair is thick and curly and I use pro naturals to smooth my hair and make it more manageable.

Re: styling products for thick hair

What is your hair type? It's it straight? Wavy, curly, kinky? 

Re: styling products for thick hair

My hair is very thick, and it tends to be mostly wavy.

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