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Post in Best Hair Ever

straight to wavy hair

Hi, I used to have really long hair down to my lower back. A couple days ago I cut it up to about shoulder blade length and now my texture is completely different since it's not being weighed down by the length. It's super wavy and some would even say borderline curly. The only time I've ever not had long hair was when I chopped it off in middle school (for my emo phase lol) but I straightened it every day. The point I'm trying to make is that even though both my sister and mother have curly hair, I always just assumed I ended up with straight hair. Well now that I've cut it I think my hair may be much more similar to their's than I thought. I've never had to deal with anything other than straight hair so I'm completely lost on how to manage it and was hoping for some products I could use on my new hair to help make it look nice (whether that be products to make it straighter or curlier, I'm open to both.)

P.S. I've been bleaching and dying my hair fashion colors for a couple years now so I never use heat on my hair in order to preserve it as much as possible so products that don't require heat would be preferred, thanks!

Re: straight to wavy hair

Congratulations!  Curly hair is awesome! You might likely have a lot to learn about your new texture!  This is a good place to start....

Re: straight to wavy hair

@sarahp570 You are absolutely correct that the length of your hair prior to your most recent hair cut disguised the texture. Gravity plays a role in everything, including our hair! It's going to be easier for you to enhance the curl then it is for you to smooth out the wave since you would prefer to aoid heat (there really isn't a way to smooth out your hair sans heat). With fashion colours you want to avoid products with sodium in them, sodium eats away at the pigement. If you're in the US I belueve Ulta sells AG its a great brand, they have a line to enhance curls called re:coil. If you're in Canada you can pick it up at BSO or Chatters. 

Re: straight to wavy hair

Thanks so much for the recommendation! I'll be sure to check it out!

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