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product after styling?



I used Aletra bamboo thermal heat protector with GHD classic styler on my thick,wavy and dry hairs.Afters straightening my hairs and some frizzy and I see some static..They are not shiny and pin straight.Should I used something else after that for shine and keep them straight and smooth ? Or am I using wrong products

Re: product after styling?

Hi Lylysa,


I am using anti breakage thermal heat protector.How should I use these products ,I mean at what stage ?




Re: product after styling?

Ahh, the spray might not be as enriched of a formula for you since your hair is thick and dry. Sprays are typically better suited for fine or normal hair types as they're not heavy. For thicker hair types and textures it's okay to use something with a bit more weight so hair doesn't just absorb it up as quickly like a serum or cream.


In that case, the Satin Hair Serum below and the Style Primer can be used at the beginning to first protect hair and ensure your style will last longer. If you also want, Redken's Heat Glide is another serum based thermal protector that works well for thicker hair types.


After that, you can choose to apply the Styling Cream or Satin Serum again to finish off strands. The Styling Cream will keep soft in your hair and if you add a bit more of the Serum, it'll help with shine (you can opt to use a shine spray if you feel like layering on the Serum, Primer, and Cream is too much), place around with technique and products to find the best combination for you.


To keep hair from being too weighted, start with a dime sized amount of product and work it through hair from the middle of strands to the ends then lightly skim hands through and over the roots/tops to avoid applying product direct to the tops. For sprays, mist hair anywhere form 8-12 inches away, you don't want to saturate or make strands wet, just a light coating of spray will do, or you can mist a comb or brush (even finger tips lightly) and skim that through hair. If you need more product, it's easier to always add more than to go overboard and end up with too much.



Re: product after styling?

Is it the serum that you're using from the line? If so, it might not be enough of a product alone. Sure serums do provide smoothing qualities, but since the thermal protector is primarily a product to guard against heat damage first, keeping hair smooth and shiny isn't going to be it's main focus.


You might look into a line or products that help combat frizz like Living Proof.


They have a couple of options and products that could work to solve the issue.


Their Styling Cream is a good weight for thicker and wavy hair (plus will help to make dry ends feel more manageable).



The Satin Hair Serum is super light weight and can be added to hair as a finishing or styling product to add shine and combat frizz. Though it's not advertised as a thermal protector, the polymers used in the formula do provide heat protection and it recently got a great write up in Allure.



They also have their Style Primer which helps extend the life of styles (be it curls or flat ironing) and can be used alongside with a heat protector during the styling process.



And if you're a fan of using hairsprays just for some light weight hold, try the Straight Spray.


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