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new shampoo and conditioner

Hey all, i have been on the hunt for a new hair care system but mainly a new shampoo and conditioner. I was just wondering what your routine and products were for your hair. For reference i have mainly normal mid length blond hair with a little bit of an oily scalp and some fly-aways. Also how often do you shampoo? Into sulphate free products?

Re: new shampoo and conditioner

I think it's been asked a couple times, you can search to see others response. I'm not really picky about my shampoo, lol. I do have thin hair with oily scalp, so I actually apply conditioner first, then rinse and shampoo. The conditioner actually cleans and detangles it so the shampoo is more foamy and I don't get backcne/heavy feeling if I apply conditioner after. Again, not really picky as long as it's not the super moisturizing kind (oily scalp) or the extra clean kind (dry hair).

Re: new shampoo and conditioner

I like Wen cleansing conditioner.  I use lavender, because my hair is thin.  It can be used as often as you like, but I only use it every other day.  My scalp is also oily, so I use a dry shampoo on non wash days (mostly Ojon).  Once a week, I do still use regular shampoo and conditioner (alternate my 100+ samples), because I do not want build up.  The day I do not use Wen, my hair really suffers with frizz and stiffness.  The Wen makes it so soft and less frizzy (nothing takes away all of the frizz- think Monica Gellar on Friends at Ross' tropical retreat- my hair is that frizzy).

Re: new shampoo and conditioner

Hair is so person-specific that I think it is hard to make recs for others. It depends not only on your hair but also what you do to your hair and what you expect your hair to do for you! :-)

still, Drybar has some great conditioners. I think Sake Bomb is a nice one. you prolly also need a good mask or intensive conditioner (assuming you regularly blow dry). Again, I think Drybar nourishing mask is good. A little goes a long way, too, so a jar (tho pricey!) will last months if you only use it once per week or so.

carols daughter has some nice products -- the clarifying conditioner is quite good, IMHO.

i am less picky about shampoo. I will use anything once! No shampoo loyalty for me.

for wen -- I would recommend trying a sample. It is a love or hate thing for most.

also, you might want a Tx oil, such as Alterna's. It adds moisture and is good to run thru hair pre-styling to protect hair.

I wash my hair (shoulder length, fine, coarse, not color treated -- yet!) 2x per week, more in the summer and more when I work out more regularly.

dry Shampoo (Drybars again is good) is a nice midweek-i-don't-wanna-wash-my-hair solution, too.

if u have 500 pts, maybe try the living proof sample set?

happy hunting!

Re: new shampoo and conditioner

I shampoo every other day, right now I am using Not Your Mothers (Way to Grow) and I love it! I have tried so many, but this one keeps my hair soft and clean. I can even smell the scent on my pillow the next morning and I always get compliments on my hair on how it smells and feels so soft, I hardly every use a serum, and if I do I use the Dry Bar 100 proof serum. Also Eva NYC has a great shampoo and conditioner along with a mask, and these have been several re-buys. no build up ever! The serum from Eva NYC is comparable to Moroccan oil!

Re: new shampoo and conditioner

This is what I've been using lately as well, it's as good or better than a lot of much pricier shampoos and it does a great job of reducing breakage.

Re: new shampoo and conditioner

I've been using the Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Shampoo and Conditioner and I loooove them! My hair is so soft and...clean. I mean, it was clean before but it's just beyond.


Before PTR I used Pureology products which are also really nice and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them! I think I'd just been using them for so long that my hair needed a change up. 


I also work two pumps of Moroccan Oil into my hair before blow drying. 

Re: new shampoo and conditioner

I like WEN a lot, and Macadamia has a good cleansing mousse and a great deep conditioner. My hair is a bit past my shoulders, thin and wavy. Prone to frizz and breakage. Recently I have completely rehauled my hair routine. I liked the WEN, but I like my current routine better:


1. I use Joico K-Pak shampoo, then the protein treatment, then the conditioner. It smells heavenly (like bananas) and does an amazing job--I can comb through  my hair afterwards, no problem.


2. I am really gentle when I lather the shampoo. 


3. I rarely blow dry anymore. 


4. I wash my hair every two or three days. I used to have an oily scalp, but it's pretty good now. I use dry shampoo on non-wash days. 


5. The first day, I generally air dry and braid my hair. Or I might air dry most of the way and then finish with a hairdryer. Day two I use a curling iron; day three I don't do anything, and either wash or wait until day four. 


6. I've heard that you should treat your hair like "old expensive lace." I have tried to do that this year, and my stylist says my hair has totally improved. 


Hope this helps!! 

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