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a couple months ago i dyed my hair and it left it really damaged so i heard the amika bond repair shampoo and conditioner were good to build and repair bonds. anyway, it left my hair really frizzy and dry and everytime i get out of the shower no matter how many times i brush my hair its always SO TANGLED. can someone please tell me how to fix it or any shampoo and conditioner recommendations drugstore, luxury or high end!! PLEASE

Re: help????

The more damage hair has the more tangles it gets. Damaged hair is dry hair as well, those two go together.  In dry, damaged hair the cuticle remains open which causes hair to easily get tangled with itself.  I bleached my hair and run into same problems with long hair, I eventually cut it shoulder length and started using Briogeo hair masks to help with nutrition and to replenish protein in my hair into the open cuticles.  You have to use hair masks and oils to bring hair back to life.  I bought a Hot Head online, they come in different colors and you microwave  it to heat it up, this helps product get into hair better with heat, just like at the hair salon they apply heat.  My routine was shower and shampoo hair, apply hair mask then shower cap then get out of shower, dry off and put a robe on and Hot Head on my head for 20-30 minutes to help get product deeper into hair. Yes the Hot Head will have to be reheated several times if you want nice constant heat. Then rinse off hair mask back in the shower, towel dry hair and apply Briogeo leave in hair conditioner and / or hair oil on top as well.  You need to moisture a lot to fix this issue, it will work, mine did.

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