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help with fine, thin curly hair

Hello lovely people Smiley Happy


I need help. Sorry if this is is a little info. about my hair:


I have thin, fine, curly poofy wavy hair (but more poofy frizz) o_O


If I don't put some gel or mousse on my natural non-highlighted hair it would look very frizzy. (that's how my hair looks without applying anything)


I also lose alot of hair whenever I wash my hair or if I'm wearing it curly with a gel or moose for 2 days straight because I keep adding water on my hair to make it look curly again and add more gel or moose. (sometimes I brush my hair with a wide tooth comb to remove the frizz.


I blow dry my hair and I use a straightener once a week.


I'm using the monoi shampoo and conditioner by carols daughter, it claims to make weak hair stronger, but I don't know if its working...


I always use the it's a 10 leave in conditioner after I wash my hair so that I can comb my hair easier and I use it as a heat protectant too.


But I noticed that I have splits ends (not much, just a few) and maybe dry ends by just a little bit.


So My question is (finally) can I use a deep conditioner or a treatment cream to make my hair look less damaging?

I still have good hair (I don't bleach it) but the split ends kinda scares me since my hair takes a loooong time to grow and its very thin.


I searched on the web and I have read that "aussie 3 minute deeeep conditioner" it's good as a deep conditioner but I also read that "L Oreal Natures Therapy Mega Strength Fortifying Treatment" is a good treatment but I don't know if a treatment will be too much for my fine hair.


An employee from sally recommended me the "Ion Effective Care Treatment", but i'm not so sure...


I'm thinking of trying out the aussie first on the ends of my hair. but what do you think on the others?



My hair is quite similar to yours. And I have some defini...

My hair is quite similar to yours. And I have some definite split ends!! Unfortunately...the only way to fix split ends is to cut them off. Be sure to get a trim as often as your hair can handle. As far as deep conditioners go, the type you use isn't the most importiant thing to consider. (I personally can't tell you which of the one's you've listed it the best, but hopefully someone else on here can help you with that!)


Usually what I do is just use my normal conditioner on dry hair (but like 4x as much as normal) put a shower cap on and leave it for ten minutes. The difference between deep and regular conditioners is minimal.


As far as masking the dead ends goes (and this is something I've spent the most time researching. I've tried LOTS of products, even some really high end ones) and the best i've found for my fine hair is Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Extra Strength Leave in Oil. Its super light weight and SUPER effective! And its only like $7 Smiley Happy)) Leaves my ends at least looking like new, without the dreaded weight that destroys hair like ours!


Another line I reccomend...just as a side note is Biolage. There volumizing products are the BEST! And I've tried every volumizer out there (Living Proof root lifer and volume cream, phytovolume actif, nexxus thickening cream, nioxin, as well as dozens of drugstore brands) and nothing compeates with Biolage's Spray in Volumizer. Smiley Happy It feels like nothing is in your just feels full!

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