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hairspray faq

i usually never use any hair products other than heat protectant and only straighten my wavy hair. recently i have been making waves and curls with my amika flat iron straightener. i throw on some hair spray ( therma silk) at the end to make the curls stay.

I usually don't want to wash it that night or the next day since I spent some time already putting heat and product in it, and want to give it another round in public lol before washing it.


my question is how do i take care of my hair afterwards that night and the next day to still have nice curls? I don't feel like putting it up in a pony tail , i want to show off the curls again. I am most likely guessing I shouldn't comb or brush it bc it will take out the curls and hair spray.. Do i go over the curls again with a curling iron , or just do touch ups? Do i put in hair spray again? I found a cream that will eliminate the frizz so i will def be adding htat. mis it bad to leave hair spray in your hair? Is it bad to put product two days in a row on your hair? At the moment I wash my hair every other day with shampoo and conditioner, and then leave in conditioner, and twice a week use a hair mask.


One of my friends says she washes her hair daily along with curling it with a curling iron and using product.  her hair looks fab, but I don't have the time nor patience for that, and i don't want to put my hair through that much on a daily basis.


Oscar Blandi "Proteine di Jasmine Protein Mist for R...

Oscar Blandi "Proteine di Jasmine Protein Mist for Restyling Hair" is a protein mist for refreshing your look the next day. It's infused with soy and wheat proteins which seals the hair cuticle. This allows your hair to withstand the heat and abuse we subject our hair to when using a flat/curling iron or blow dryer so that we can achieve the same look from the initial style.  You can find this at:

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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