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hair removal

Hello there! I'm currently looking for different methods of hair removal (for my legs and underarms), whether it be a super cheap natural method or a machine. I really don't want to fork out money to get laser hair removal just yet, I just want something that really works for the time being.


I've heard of the no! no! remover, pumice stone removal, and tria (which is for darker hair and lighter skin, which I have light skin and REALLY light hair). I also, have thought about waxing, but I'm slightly nervous about the pain factor and the idea.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!   Smiley Happy

Re: hair removal

I have been doing it the au' natural way and "Sugaring" my hair and it seems to be doing the trick. I seen it on a YouTube channel that I watch for a lot of natural ways to do beauty regimens and stuff like that. You can Google it or check out YT and look up "Sugaring" or "Natural hair removal". I like it because its cheap, I can do it myself at home and it gives the same resultals as waxing without the price tag. Hth good luck!

Re: hair removal

I recommend waxing. I've been to a salon a few times for waxing, and it's great. The pain isn't that bad at all, really. It will only last a quick second, and then it's over! Smiley Happy

For best semi-permanent results is waxing. if you get it...

For best semi-permanent results is waxing. if you get it done right, the pain is only for a quick second and then its over..

its worth it!

Beauty is Pain =P

Hi Shaniceee.  Waxing is a great choice for the face.  Th...

Hi Shaniceee.  Waxing is a great choice for the face.  The amount of pain will depend on where you are waxing and how you are waxing.  As Ssmittys said, it will hurt a little bit the first time but you do get used to it.  I would recommend having it professionally done.  Having it done that way will likely be less painful as the person doing it will be trained on the proper temperature and procedure for easy removal.

For my eyebrows and upper lip, I go to a Sally Beauty Sup...

For my eyebrows and upper lip, I go to a Sally Beauty Supply and get the Gigi's face wax for sensitive skin. The first couple of times hurt a lot (I have a VERY low pain tolerance), but now it's nothing but a thing.


I have never tried waxing my legs or bikini line. I have the old school No!No! and I love it! I use it on my legs about once every few weeks and I have noticed that my hair does take a bit longer to grow back, and it's much finer than it used to be. The only bad thing is the SMELL! Burnt hair smell is pretty gnarly.


Consider waxing for the face though. It's not all that bad.

Hey shaniceee,   I would suggest waxing, especially if yo...

Hey shaniceee,


I would suggest waxing, especially if you don't want to shave or shell out a bunch of money. You can go to a salon and get your legs waxed for about $50 or you can choose to do it yourself. There are a lot of waxing kits you can get from drugstores which can cost $10 and up. My favorite drugstore wax is Nair Naturally Smooth Warm Wax with peach and melon extract. It's a sugar wax so it's easy to wash off the leftover wax on your skin. It also smells amazing! As far as pain goes it's not really that bad. It's more of an irritating feel over a pain. The best way I can describe it is like a mild sunburn. You know what they say "Beauty is pain." But in all seriousness the pain only last for a quick second and it's nothing unbearable just uncomfortable. Just make sure to pull the strips off quickly and close to the skin to minimize pain. Waxing also will make your hair grow back more fine and if you continue to wax overtime possible quit growing all together. 


If you're still weary about waxing you can always use a cream depilatory such as Nair for hair removal. All you have to do is apply the cream and the wipe it off with a damp washcloth. No pain involved. Hope this helps. 


Good Luck!




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