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hair growth

hair growth? things to buy in sephora? not too pricey but i need it to grow fast? is the PHYTO hair supplement good? please help i want long hair back, i use mane n tail and it works but i need more???

Re: hair growth

I used to bleach and add fun colours and do pretty crazy things to my hair lol.  After A LOT of damage it is now past the small of my back,  its is about 2and a half feet long now and I get complements on my hair everyday that its down.  What I did was stop colouring my hair(its been over 2 years now), vitamins are a must, something with folic acid is even better because it does wonders to strengthen your hair.  TRIM INBETWEEN HAIRCUTS!!! That is one of the best things you can do to help your hair get faster longer.  Most hair dressers cut about an inch more then the split end, Take the time and trim the ends of your hair yourself, its super boring but you will notice a difference for sure.  Lastly don't put a lot of pressure on your hair.  Leave it down as much as you can because having it in ponytails, braids or buns pull at your hair and can cause breakage, the same goes for extentions, over time it can actually cause bald spots.   

Re: hair growth

Have you considered using clip in extensions? Good quality, human hair extensions from a beauty supplier (Sally Beauty often has a good selection, but call up first because different locations don't always have everything in stock) look wonderful, natural (because it's human hair), and are relatively easy to learn to use. A 14 inch set will usually cost you about $100 give or take. I use Euronext and love them. Also, they come in a large color range but can also be dyed to match your exact color. 

Re: hair growth

Sweetie, let me enlighten you.

No product on Earth can make your hair grow faster.

Your hair growth is determined by your DNA - on average it will be somewhere between ¼ and ½ inches per month. Nothing you consume or put on your hair will change this. Ever. Sorry.


Products only affect the health of your hair to help it achieve its maximum growth potential. Supplements supply the nutrients your body needs to grow healthy hair from the inside while external hair treatments can either clear residue from the scalp (to make sure follicles aren't blocked) or smooth the surface of the hair shaft.


Also, if you have a healthy diet already, supplements will be ineffective because your body is already getting the nutrients it needs to make your hair grow.

Patience, a healthy diet, and a good haircare routine are all you really need for your hair to grow.


Another little thing.....Mane n' Tail shampoo is extremely harsh because it is made for horses.

Use a gentle shampoo that's made for people.

Re: hair growth

^I second this advice wholeheartedly. If you're keeping your whole body healthy, your hair will be healthy. Make sure you're eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise and sleep. A multivitamin won't hurt, but as previously stated, you can only help your body do what it's programmed to do.

Re: hair growth

!!! When I was first married my mother-in-law kindly gave me some shampoo and conditioner in an unmarked bottle. only after I had used it a few times and noticed that it had taken the colour out of my hair did she tell me it was that horse shampoo. They trained horses so it was the horse version and she thought she was doing me a favour, I'm not sure about the "people" version but I'd be careful!

Re: hair growth

Had to look up Mane n' Tail, they have two versions: for horses and another for humans. It also looks like 3 original products can also be used by humans.

Re: hair growth

Mane n' Tail does actually make shampoos and conditions for people as well. I'm assuming (hoping...really hoping) that's what she is using. 

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