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hair extensions!

My hair is pretty thin, so I am interested in hearing opinions from all you beauty lovers!!!

I actually couldn't find any posts about this anywhere in the forum, and I was thinking that this might be pretty relevant to some of us. Love or hate?

Does anyone have, want, or loathe?

Any thoughts or advice on this matter is appreciated!


Re: hair extensions!

I've only tried clip in remy human hair extensions and they're great.  Plus it's the least damaging to your hair compared to glued in extensions. For a while I wore clip ins everyday and let me tell you.. it is a pain! I wore about 160g on my head and at first it was heavy and weighing my head down. But as time passed I got use to them. It just takes time. They're great if you want length. If you want some volume, i recommend them too but you wouldn't need to wear a full head set like me since i was going for both. Just a couple pieces would do.

Re: hair extensions!

Thanks for your helpful response!

where did you get them from?  and how did you make them not obvious?


Re: hair extensions!

I buy mine online. One online company I really recommend for clip ins are foxylocksextensions. If you want to hear even more reviews about them, they're all over YT. Since you said you have thin hair, I'd say try 120g. 


To make them not obvious, style your hair. Don't just clip them in and go on with your day. Try adding some curls (best for blending in your real hair & extensions) or add some texture w/ styling products. Smiley Happy

Re: hair extensions!

Hi onomotopoeia9,

I think micro ring or clip in would be a good solution for you. I am a professional in this and I have my own salon. I use 'Advance microbond' for my clients and the process is without any glues, braiding or sewing, It is totally different from standard Micro Loops and Micro Rings. Moreover, it is weightless. You hair will be fine, thin and undamaged and it would be permanent solution for you.swfupload_3236478164292527126.jpg

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