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hair dyes

I have been wanting to dye my hair for awhile now and since I'm going to go see my girl beyonce slay the stage (YASSS!!!) I thought this would be the perfect time. My hair is naturally black and I'm not gonna go lighter cause I feel that I would look SUPER weird. So I'm guessing the color I should get is jet black cause thats all i can think of. I'm also on a budget so I probably won't hit up a salon and I'm just going a shade darker so I think it would be a waste of money. I wanted to know if there are any good drugstore or beauty store brand hair dyes? I also have thin asian hair that has no life if that helps. I plan to do this once and not keep it going but if i notice a change and i like it then hey maybe i will keep dyeing my hair. Thanks again!!!

Re: hair dyes

Have you thought of hennaing your hair?


Re: hair dyes

She mentioned in her original thread she's considering blue/black.

Re: hair dyes

Of course I saw your post about the original thread after I posted mine! Ha ha.

Thanks IyIysa. As always, I liked the advice you bestowed upon us.

Re: hair dyes



I saw this thread and thought, "Didn't I see this earlier!?" Smiley Tongue


No worries, maybe you even gave her other options to explore!


*hangs around BT too much to recognize threads* 

Re: hair dyes

Hi, Jcknox!


You may want to check into your thread over below covering this topic:


In the future, try to keep just one thread open per topic to prevent creating multiples that may confuse users as to where you may actually want responses. This will help you keep track of answers better too so you're not jumping around from thread to thread. If you have a related inquiry to the original topic you can always respond within that thread or to a specific user who has replied to continue the conversation. Smiley Happy

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