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hair care for daughter with fine hair

My 9 year old daughter has very fine hair and it gets stringy quickly. There was a drugstore shampoo (just a Dove brand) that worked well for her for a couple of years but I can't find it anywhere anymore so I think it was discontinued, and we've gone through quite a few inexpensive brands without finding anything else that works very well. I use a few different professional hair care products and I tried those on her but I have hair color and more heat damage so all my products are too heavy for her. We do blow dry her hair a few times a week. If anyone can recommend a lower to mid priced product line that will clean well enough to get out all of the sweat from gymnastics and playing in the dirt without stripping her hair, and a conditioner that will really condition without feeling heavy, I would really appreciate it! I think what we are using now is the worst one we tried all summer - if we don't find something better before school starts our early mornings are going to be terribly unpleasant as blow drying hair that is dry and sticky with residue is not going well!

Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair

I have trouble with fine, oily hair too. If she really has trouble with stringiness, I'd recommend using a clear, gel shampoo rather than a creamy one. Also, make sure it has moisturizing ingredients. The one that works best for me (and my mom, whose hair is even worse than mine) is Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo.

Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair

I am sorry she is having issues with stringy hair.  I know that challenge all too well, with a lifetime of fine, stringy hair myself.


My own solution may be a bit above your lower to mid priced range target, but it is the ONLY thing that has helped me.  I use DevaCurl no poo as the cleanser, and DevaCurl one condition for conditioner.  When I first started using more hydrating products, my hair felt heavy for a little while, but then got better.


I also use the DevaCurl styling cream and the styling gel, but I could probably also get away with skipping those.  I don't blow dry my hair, I simply don't have time in the mornings.  My hair drys naturally in the car on the way to work.  It is now soft and not stringy.  And the products seem to last me forever! 


It used to make me feel weird to use a conditioning cleanser when my hair was really dirty but now I don't mind.  But sometimes I do use shampoo and conditioner, and when I do, it's Alterna Caviar shampoo and conditioner.  I won't shampoo often though, I think that's been the key to healthier hair.  My stylist actually commented the other day that my hair is incredibly healthy.  And I wait eight weeks in between appointments because of the time and cost for the coloring and cut. 


Hope some of this helps.  Good luck!

Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair

I use the same line and the same method of drying my hair. I also use Kiehl's leave-in conditioner. I know what you mean by using a conditioning no lather cleans to shampoo hair, it felt really weird to not have any foam at all.


To OP, you can also try Ojon's line of products. They still have sulfates in their shampoo, but they are highly hydrating. Try going directly on their site and looking through their line, I believe Sephora does not carry their whole line. If you are looking for conditioning, have you tried any of the deep conditioning masks on her? There is a few that range from leaving it in the hair for as long as possible or one that you do just in the shower. There is a variety of different ones in different price ranges. There is a Pantene one that I really like its called "Daily Moisture Renewal 2-Minute Moisture Masque".

Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair

My youngest daughter (who turns 9 in a few weeks) shares your daughter's issue. I've tried almost every brand under the sun on her, but thus far the Redken All Soft range seems most effective. I'm currently trying out the L'oreal Mythic Oil range, but it's too soon to say whether it's working as well as Redken.

Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair


I have fine hair and I find that many shampoos build up in my hair especially at the roots making it look oily and feel unclean and greasy even right after I wash it.  One of the only shampoos that works for me is Pantene Volume shampoo. I use the conditioner as well but it is the shampoo that makes a difference as the shampoo is the only thing I put on the problematic root area.  It is a clear formula that does not contain silicone which can easily way down fine hair.  I have tried many other brands of shampoo and conditioner both pricier salon brands and cheaper drug store brands but none work as well for my hair type as this and many are simply awful, even those suggested by hairstylists.  Pantene Volume is similar to a clarifying shampoo but it is not as harsh and therefore does not strip the hair of all oils like clarifying formulas tend to do.  I used this shampoo when I was in ballet in my youth so I know from personal experience it can remove both sweat and hair spray!  I tried the Organix (OGX) Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner as well.  It was not horrible and actually helped add some moisture to my hair, however I experienced a little negative reaction between the shampoo and the skin around my hair line.  This is probably just a problem with my particular skin but I thought I would mention it.  The Organix conditioner works pretty well, but not well enough to justify the price difference between Organix and Pantene.  I wouldn't suggest not using conditioner at all because hair does need moisture and hydration but I definitely only put it on the ends and nowhere near my roots in order to avoid build up.  I am in my twenties now but have had basically the same hair problems since I was a child. If you haven't found a solution yet, I hope this helps!



Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair

I've used any product of the Tresemme and i love it. It's very light feeling. Or Garnier Fructis hydra-recharge that makes my hair so smooth and its very voluminous. Both of these products are under $10. And if you do need to blow dry it try a Moroccan oil it makes it so much easier to manage afterword and it's almost like instead of blow drying it makes it look air dried it also gives a healthier appearance. 

Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair

 I have fine hair but I have a lot of it I use a volumizer shampoo and that gives it  lots of body / volume.I wouldnt use conditioner because it will make fine hair flat.

Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair

My hair is fine, oily, and now its quite long, so my creamy shampoo I was using in the winter was absolutely not working for me during  the summer. I like using somewhat hydrating shampoos since my hair is so long/"old", but they were really making my scalp look oily/flat and the lengths of my hair were looking  heavy and weighed down. One of my friends suggested I try a new shampoo (duh!) and it really helped.


I love high end make up, but I generally use affordable shampoo/conditioner. I picked up the Organix Weightless Hydration Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner - the name in itself sold me - weightless hydration. I am about halfway through and using these with my regular leave in products (an oil and leave in conditioner) and my hair is back to its shiny, soft, slippery (not dry feeling, not weighed down with product just soft and 'slippery' like a lot of people with fine hair) self. I will likely switch back to my Loreal EverStrong (creamy shampoo versus clear) for winter though when my hair tends to feel static-y. I got these at Ulta.


Also, I do have a clarifying shampoo in my rotation (I use Avalon Organics lemon one its sold at BBB, Whole Foods... but any clarifying shampoo works). If I've gone a long time without washing my hair and have a lot of dry shampoo in it, I mix in the clarifying shampoo with the Coconut water shampoo.


The conditioner is OK, I don't really hate it or love it. I don't have a "holy grail" conditioner per se though. I do use high end items for leave in products and I think they make more of a difference in how my hair dries anyways.

Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair

I'll second you on the Organix Coconut Water products.  They're nice and light, and leave my fine, straight hair in good shape.  I actually find the conditioner a little too light, so I usually mix it with a bit of another Organix or Aveda conditioner.  But I color my hair, so that's probably why it tends to be a little dry.


And definitely keep the conditioner on the mid-length to the ends only!  The roots get plenty of moisture from the scalp naturally without you adding more.  That's the most important tip of all!  


To top it off, Organix is in most drugstores, so you don't have to go out of your way to find it.  And it's inexpensive too.  Can't beat that!

Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair


Thank you.  That was a helpful review of what helps you.  So many shampoos advertised as being good for your hair are so expensive, and end up being harmful, at least to my hair.  I hope to try what you have said.  Thanks!

Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair

Some advice I've received from my stylist, as I also have thin, fine hair:

 -Don't use conditioner every time.  It weighs fine hair down.  Also, use it on the ends of hair, not at the crown/root (because of that weighing down effect).

-Contrary to what some other folks are saying here, clarifying shampoos are not a good thing.  They strip your hair of needed oils and now you've got dry, thin, fine hair.  I actually started using Living Proof PHD but that's probably a bit much for a 9 year old!  

-You can, indeed, blow dry thin hair!  I do it all the time. 


Here's me and my thin, fine, blow dried hair:



Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair

I second the conditioner-on-the-ends-only.  The best conditioners I've found for my fine hair are both Redken - either the All Soft or Smooth Lock conditioners.  The Smooth Lock is a heat protection conditioner, so if you're going to keep on blow drying a few times a week, that could be the one.

Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair

You should try the honest company's shampoo and conditioner and their leave in conditioner. It smells like orange cream bars and leaves your hair super shiny and soft. It works wonders on my kids. My daughter's hair reaches their bottoms. The honest companies line has kept their hair so manageable and soft. I hope this helps and it works as well for your daughter.

Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair

I have really fine hair and get mine dirty enough that I have to wash everyday (barn and farm dirt, yuk). I use Pantene Age Defy Shampoo. It gets my hair really clean and doesn't make it all fly-away and works better than a lot of high end volume shampoos that seem to do nothing or leave my hair flat. I would think that even though your daughter is only 9, it wouldn't hurt her hair or be for old ladies, it's supposed to coat the hair shaft so it looks plumper and holds apart from the neighboring hairs so it looks like there is more hair there. Plus it's quite reasonably priced, more expensive than the cheap stuff like Suave, but way less than Living Proof or salon brands.

For conditioner, I use a not too pricey one, Goldwell Dual Senses Ultra Volume Lightweight conditioner, that I get at from drugstore dot com, which also has a nice rebate policy.

Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair

If possible, try not to blow dry fine hair. My dad insisted my hair be long as a kid and it tended to tangle and split from blow drying. Air drying or loose wet braids will help keep healthy strands. Have you tried Aussie or Herbal Essences yet on her? If those are unsuccessful, Aubrey Organics has a lovely light formula. You can typically find that brand around $7-$12.


Nights where she needs a cleanse but it isn't feasible to try to shampoo and condition, you can cheaply cheat the system with a vinegar rinse.  Lightly massage scalp and strands with a solution of 50/50 distilled apple cider vinegar and water. The more natural the AC Vinegar, the more pleasant the apple smell.

Re: hair care for daughter with fine hair

Hi elizabetheva,

Maybe try a clarifying, gel formula, rather than a hydrating cream formula. Have you tried Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo?  My dad actually uses this, and he has very fine hair too.  Since it's made for babies, it rinses away easily and doesn't leave any residue behind. Good luck!

Smiley Happy -Laura

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