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great hairstyles for pin straight hair???

I want to spice up my plain hair and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I have brown naturally PIN STRAIGHT (as in can't hold a curl to save my life) and I was wondering if there were any unique hair ideas (i.e. braids, waves or curls that stay, etc. and how to do them- specifically with the braids) or products or tools i should use.. thanks!

Yes, I feel your pain: I have brown hair that is stick-st...

Yes, I feel your pain: I have brown hair that is stick-straight and super fine that doesn't seem to hold any kind of style. But fear not, there are many products out there that can not only give you volume so your straight hair frames your face better, they can also help you style it in creative ways.


To give your hair volume, I recommend:


Ojon "Volume Advance Intensive Volumizing 2-Minute Hair Mask"(Sephora Product Page) Since damage can make hairojonvolmask.jpg even finer, straighter and thinner than usual, it's good to use an intensive restorative treatment twice a week. I love this one because it boosts the life and condition of limp, straight  hair and is designed to restore volume as well as repair damage.


Living Proof "Full Root Lifting Spray" (Sephora Product Page) I've tried lots of different root boosters, and this one is

definitely the most effective. It's also very easy to use: you just spray it on the undersides of the roots of damp hair, then blow dry upside down. It gives my hair a nice, full shape so it frames my face better and it lasts hours longer than most other root boosters.


Living Proof "Full Thickening Mousse" (Sephora Product Page) For occasions when


 I want even more volume than what the root booster gives me, I work a little of this into my hair while it's still a little damp. It gives it amazing fullness, but the hold of thevolume is very flexible so I can still play around with my style until it's just right. It also feels nice and comfortable: it isn't too sticky while I'm applying it and it doesn't feel stiff once it dries, either. Not only will this give your hair volume, it will also help it hold a curl or a braid without any of the hardness, stickiness or flaking of hairspray.


I think beachy waves are a very flattering and easy to create hairstyle for people with fine and thin hair.To get that casual but sexy beachy waves look, I recommend the following products:

 KMS Hairplay "Sea Salt Spray." Sephora doesn't sell this, but you can easily buy 


it online. It smells great and it's a fantastic way of giving curls or waves (either natural curls/waves or those created with rollers or clips) a little more texture. For those of us with super straight hair, putting yous hair in soft sleep rollers the night before and using a sea salt spray like this one on each separate piece of hair will make your curls last much longer than a curling iron or hot rollers would. It gives hair volume and texture like a day at the beach would. I also spray a little of it on when I take out my rollers and scrunch it into my waves,  Just a little teasing with my fingers after that and I end up with a playful, tousled look with great texture and fullness. It's a very easy styling product to use and the look is casual, playful and not over-the-top. I very highly recommend it!


I also like TIGI "Love Peace and the Planet Totally Beachin' Styling Mist." Its coconut/mango/vanilla smellTGIGbeachin.jpg is heavenly and it also adds texture and fullness. You can also just scrunch some into your damp hair before you put it in rollers the night before you style. Sephora also doesn't sell this, but you can easily buy it online as well. .Also, keep in mind that all these products I've recommended are incredibly weightless, so they won't weigh down your style throughout the day.


However, if you want extra insurance that your style will stay put all day/night, I recommend Living Proof "Hold Flexible Hairspray." (Sephora  Product Page) This hairspray modernizes hairstyling and allows you to maintain your style without fear of collapsing. It's perfect for straight, fine hair because it effectively blocks humidity, adds shine, and protects style. Holdlpflexhair.jpg technology is buildable—the more you spray the firmer the hold—but without flaking and dullness. I love this product because the hold is flexible enough to play around with for a while until it's just the way you want it. Plus, it doesn't smell bad, feel stiff or flake like most hairsprays do.


I hope all this helps you! Smiley Happy

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