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good wave spray for the summer?

It's sumer time, which means i' m going to the beach and so on and i want a wave spray that won't dry out my hair. I have medium length blond hair thats strait. since i have naturally strait hair with a little bit of wave i need something strong. I've been looking for a spray formulas but if you know of a good cream form or something please let me know. thanks

Re: good wave spray for the summer?

thanks for your advice!

Re: good wave spray for the summer?

Texturizing sprays are a plenty this time of year! Most tend to utilize salt as an element to dry down hair a bit so texture is a bit more coarse and allows for the altering or normally slick hair and helps to emphasize those already with curls and waves.




Bumble and Bumble, Josie Maran, and Alterna as well as lines like Sally Hersberger, KMS, and Frederik Fekkai (limited Summer time release) offer salt or wave sprays as a light weight method to build and add wave and texture to hair.


Creams are better suited for those with naturally curly or wavy hair as the weight may prove a bit heavy for those with straight hair.


If your hair has difficulty alone with the spray, mist onto towel dried or slightly damp hair/semi-dry hair, scrunch, then braid your hair to help it along. The more braids you do and the tighter they're woven, the smaller and more fine the waves will be. Keep your braids down to maybe one or two for softer, looser waves.

Re: good wave spray for the summer?

Hi Natural32,


I just answered a similar question to yours, you can view it here: Waves are so great for summer however, a lot of the formulas can feel dry or stiff. Living Proof Amp has a wonderful flexible texture!

<3 Melissa
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