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dry hair

I have naturally curly hair that I like to let air dry and then add some curls to it with my curling iron. My hair is very dry and I use lots of thick creams and heat protectants that my hair just soaks up. After I add the curls, my hair looks great for the first hour and then it starts to look and feel fried/very dry, as if moisture is just evaporating from my hair. I'll add a finishing cream/oil which helps for about an hour and then it starts to look fried and dry again. Are there any products I should be using to combat this? I have tried Kendi Dry Oil (I spray on my finished hair and like I said it helps for about the first hour) and I use products like Moroccan oil intense curl cream and living proof nourishing cream on my wet hair.

Thanks for your help!!

P.S. I just purchased Ojon Revitalizing Mist with Ojon Oil which I figured I could spray on my finished hair to add some moisture but I'm not sure it feels moisturizing enough...?

Re: dry hair

KP, I have naturally curly hair that I let air dry as well. My hair used to be just like yours and feel really dry. I have found the greatest way to repair my hair and now it is so soft and healthy. My hair has drastically changed!


First: I use Wen, or the DevaCurl NoPoo to wash my hair. It is very gentle on your hair and actually helps moisturize and define natural curly hair.

Second: Leave in conditioner- I switch up between It's a Miracle 10 leave in conditioner and the Milkshake leave in conditioner(this one smells like butterscotch and is amazing)

Third: Curly products- I find that using less product makes my curls look better and feel softer. I use the DevaCurl styling cream and scrunch it through my hair with a microfiber towel. Depending on the day, I will mix a dollop of Moroccan oil in that.

Then I mist the DevaCurl moisture lock throughout my hair and let it air dry. The moisture lock is amazing and traps the moisture in your hair. Eventually your hair will heal and will be much easier to manage. But I know your pain because when it is damaged and dry it is so difficult to maintain without adding more heat!

Re: dry hair

Moroccan oil may be sitting on top your hair instead of being absorbed. My hairdresser told me (for my very thick natural curls) not to use some oils since it will just sit on top - think one was moroccan. My hair absorbs bumble and bumble's hairdresser's invisible oil. B&B also has a quenching line for dryness.


For shampoo/conditioner/treatment try Redken's All Soft line. I also use a leave in conditioner, to keep in moisturizer, after blotting my hair with a microfiber towel - less frizz from towel.

Re: dry hair



Have you ever tried Phyto products? I used to have very dry hair and first I've tried their conditioner, and while it helped, it wasn't enough, so I've bought their mask and that is the best thing I've ever used. When I started using it my hair was so dehydrated that I had to apply it every time I was washing my hair (so every other day), but now I use it once a week, and that is enough to keep my hair hydrated. For the best result you should spread it over wet hair (after you've washed it) and let it work for 10 minutes, then rinse. It is a little pricey, but it lasts forever. 


My hair is also color treated, so I use their Phytocitrus mask, but they have the whole range of products depending on your hair type and concerns:


As an example, this mask might be good for your case:


Hope this helps!

Re: dry hair

Hi kp6365, 

I recommend trying a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to help quench some of the dryness before you even start to style your hair.  I highly recommend the ALTERNA CAVIAR line.  It's super hydrating and can transform dry, brittle hair to soft and silky.  


Also try the CAVIAR Anti-Aging® Omega+ Nourishing Hair Oil which will smooth the hair shaft while adding intense shine. It leaves hair lustrously shiny, smooth, and silky-soft.

Smiley Happy -Laura

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