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curly hair & humidity

I have naturally curly hair and I live where the weather is humid. When I straighten it and go out side it gets wavy and looks gross and oily. Is there any products I can use to keep my hair from looking this way?

Re: curly hair & humidity

Keratin products or argan oil products! I use an argan oil leave-in from pro naturals and it makes my hair super silky and smooth.

Re: curly hair & humidity

I live in a pretty humid place also.  I recently tried Redken Diamond oil and it works pretty well at keeping it straight.  I also recently have started using Ouidad products and leaving my hair curly and I will tell you it's definitely worth a try.  The line is excellent, especially for controlling frizziness.

Re: curly hair & humidity

I simply don't every try to straighten it.  I use Aveda's Be Curly line and adore what it does to my hair.  A newer product I'm using once weekly is Organix's Macadamia Hydrating Mask.  Instantaneous moisture without being heavy or oily at all.


So, chickadee, pass on the flat iron and EMBRACE YOUR CURLS!  People waste hours of their lives away using a curling iron to get what God gave us!

Re: curly hair & humidity

What products are you currently using?


Take a gander into these threads for tons of tips on managing curls, maintaining healthy hair, and even products for care and styling:


I would highly suggest checking into the styling products from Living Proof as they actually use formulas that are void of heavy silicones and waxes (which in turn can dry out hair if used in excess/abundance) while combating against frizz and humidity with polyfluroesters.


Avoid applying product direct to roots/tops of hair, applying styling products from midshalft and downward, then skimming the residual product left on hands over the tops, this should prevent too much build up from bulking down roots to where they look oily.


You can also look into use of dry shampoos or styling powders. These help to absorb excess oil as well as act as "healthy" build up in hair, allowing for easier styling along roots if you need to tease hair or add some volume. Oscar Blandi, Alterna, Bumble & Bumble, Pssst, and Batiste are all brands that manufacture dry shampoos. There's a huge range of high end and drug store brands. Be sure to look into reviews in case your hair is darker, some dry shampoos leave a powdery white cast if too much is used or not blended into hair properly.

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