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curls: ouidad leave in conditioner or Living proof frizz?

Whats better for thick/frizzy curls - without the hard feel that many products give: ouidad leave in conditioner or Living proof frizz?

Re: curls: ouidad leave in conditioner or Living proof frizz?

I'm not sure about these other products but I do know Bumble and Bumble make really great products for frizzy/curly hair.They have a Curl Conscious Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner. Hope this helps!



Re: curls: ouidad leave in conditioner or Living proof frizz?

Is it an actual leave in conditioner that you're looking to get or a styling or treatment product to minimize and control frizz?


Though Ouidad makes some great items for curls, the leave in conditioner does rely on dimethicone. Dimethicone is a beneficial ingredient because while it does help to seal in and lock in moisture to keep curls defined and not dried out to where frizz enters the equation, using too much dimethicone or silicone based styling or hair products can in turn form water impervious barriers around hair shafts, which will also prevent actual needed moisture from penetrating and conditioning strands in the long run.


Though that issue can be fixed with clarifying shampoos, Living Proof is a line that doesn't use any silicones, dimethicones, or waxes, but rather polyfluroesters to combat frizz and humidity.


Both lines have leave in conditioners, but these will first serve to condition and add needed nourishment to locks and then serve to block humidity and combat frizz. If you're looking for something to first target frizz and tame hair, try LP's Styling Cream. Creams, serums, and even oils or milks are beneficial to thicker curls as the texture can stand up to the weight of the product and not lose shape.

Re: curls: ouidad leave in conditioner or Living proof frizz?

Hi prettycute,


Either one is great for the hair but the Living Proof is specifically for smoothing away frizziness and has a special ingredient called "PolyfluoroEster" which has a sort of shield around the hair to protect it from dirt, oil, and moisture to keep locks tamed.


Ouidad is specially for curly and wavy haired girls so it's an amazing product to keep curls shape and smoothness- I'd try try a sample of both at your local store to see what you like best!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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