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curl hair help

Hey ladies,


So i need your help on curling my hair. My post will be long but it`s just to give you enough info so i can answer any questions you have.


My hair is medium thick, medium length. When I wash it and leave it or sleep on it, I wake up with big crazy curls that are frizzy and not put together. If I blow dry my hair and just run a hair brush through it here and there, it gets straight with a wave. I am not sure what my hair type is then to be honest.


So I always straighten my hair because I know how to. I sometimes use a straightener to add flips to the ends.


Here is what I have tried with curling my hair and maybe you can help me..


-curling iron-  I can not for the life of me use it and I give up. period.


-I have put mousse in my hair before when it was drenched wet and I put a ton in. My hair fell flat and was greasy.


-I french braid my hair and sleep on it. I get really cute waves but my hair is so frizzy and I don't know how to fix that.


-today for the first time in my life: I wrung out my wet hair so it was pretty wet but not dripping wet. I combed it and put a cherry tomato size of mousse. I scrunched my hair with it and put it up in a clip. A while later I took out the clip and I've had curls since.

It's 3 hours later and my hair is tiny crimps but it is slightly damp and looks wet and shiny. It also feels softSmiley Happy


My question is- How do I get curls in my hair without making it look hard, wet or crunchy feeling.  The kind of look I want is big loose curls that are dry once my hair dries.


I don't mind shelling out money for results but I do not want to buy products that in the end don't end up working on me. Do any places have return policies if I am not satisfied?


I was thinking of going to the lady that does my hair, asking her to wash my hair and then do it for me and show me.


I am planning on investing in a diffuser-will this give me results?


The fact that my hair held it`s curl for a few hours means it is all possible right? Sorry for all these questions but I am a curl virgin. seriously- I got a perm in highschool just because I didn't know how to curl my hair and even then I didn't put the products in properly and it was a waste of money and time.


I own one mousse and that's it for hair products other than heat protectant and a straightener.



i am showing you a picture of what my hair looks like now with the mousse thing I tried tonight, and a picture of the style I want eventually - loose , wavy big curls and soft and dry looking ( beyonce pic)Beyonce-Knowles-hairstyles.jpgBeyonce-Knowles-hairstyles.jpg

Hiya Curvygirli - I am gonna be real with you, as someone...

Hiya Curvygirli - I am gonna be real with you, as someone with curly hair, and who has used numerous products over many many years, if your curls are true curls and naturally tight, and not wavy, then there is no product you can put in your hair to magically make the wavy, loose curl look. I wish there was, I truly do. That being said, using a product that is a cream, rather than a gel or mouse, will make the curls softer, and if you hair is long, the "weight" of the hair may allow for the curl to "stretch" out a bit and fall more loosely.  Gel and mouse will make the curls tight and crunchy.  My hair is longish, and I use the Bumble and Bumble Grooming Cream along with some kind of shine serum, the last one was a drugstore brand, Organix Coconut oil.  That combo makes the curls softer and more loose. Other than that, to get those big, loose curls, the only alternative I have found is to actually straigten my hair first, and then put sections of my hair in big rollers. I spray some holding product, leave in a few hours, and then taker the rollers out and I get the big curls. I then set with hairspray, any decent brand will do.  You can also try the rollers while your hair is slightly damp (but not wet), put in the bumble cream first, section off the hair in large rollers, spray in the holding product and, allow set while drying (maybe two hours) and you will get a similiar effect, but there is the risk your curls will tighten up over the course of the day/evening.

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