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brush out curls made it volumnized

So my hair is naturally thick and pretty straight with a wave in it. The other night I went to sleep on my hair wet and woke up with it really volumnized and messy. I went over it with a straightener and curled the bottoms lightly. After brushing out the curls, my hair is very volumnized. I am just wondering if this is a good way to go about it from now on... make my hair wavy and then brush it out. will this damage my hair in any way? I'm giving it the same amount of heat I usually do w/ straightening.


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It's totally fine. Just make sure of a couple things:   1...

It's totally fine. Just make sure of a couple things:


1. Try not to tie your hair back or anything when it's wet. It's more prone to breakage.

2. When you're using heat on your hair, make sure its completely dry. It could be damp when you wake up. 

3. Use a heat protector.

4. Have a backup plan. Sometimes, hair doesn't always turn out the way you want it when you wake up. I know from experience. I had a chemical straightener put in my hair, and it was amazing while it lasted. When my curly roots started growing in, I had to braid my hair to even out the curly and straight part. I'd braid it when it was wet, then I would sleep on it. Sometimes, my hair would be perfect when I woke up. Other times, I would accidentally sleep on it in a weird angle, causing my hair to be sticking out in a certain area or frizzy or what not.

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