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broken hairs at the top of my head

so at the top of my head there are all of these short frizzy hairs.  I'm not talking about little baby hairs im talking about really almost think broken frizzy short hairs at the top of my head they wont grow and i havent straigtened my hair in a long time because i dont want to damage them too much


i have thick wavy hair and now the hairs at the top of my head prevent me from being able to wear my hair down without some sort of clip they are relaly embarassing i have tried every hot oil treatment/leave in conditioner/deep conditioning treatment and growth syrum nothing has worked


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Re: broken hairs at the top of my head

The only way to fix split ends is to cut it off. If you don't cut it will keep splitting up and damage your hair even more. 

You mentioned you don't use a flat iron on it, that's great! But do you blow dry it? Try staying away from all types of heat. 

And look at scalp stimulating products & make sure you use a clarifying treatment to get rid of product buildup so your hair can grow out nicely. I keep a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar in my shower & apply it to my wet hair once a week/every other week & then shampoo it out. 


Re: broken hairs at the top of my head

Oh my goodness- I know what you're talking about! Ever since I moved to Las Vegas a few months ago, I have started to notice those little baby hairs pop up on top of my head- something particularly troublesome since my hair is LONG (over halfway down my back). 


After an overdue trim, I changed up my hair care routine, which has definitely helped- even though those hairs are still there, I no longer notice them dancing around the top of my head. 


Anyways- here's what I'm using/ doing to help keep my hair intensely hydrated and frizz free. 


Shampoo/ Conditioner: Redken All-Soft S/C. They're safe for dyed hair (and I don't notice any colour running in my dark brown to blonde ombre'd hair). I shower every other day and use these guys. 


Hair Masque: Organix Hydrating Intensive Moisture Mask Macadamia Oil. I use this once (or twice- if needed) a week instead of my Redken conditioner to really deep-condition my hair. I usually slab some on after I shampoo and rinse it out 3-5 minutes later. It is an amazing conditioning treatment, and one of the products I believe my hair's better condition is attributed to. 


Heat Protectant: Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray.   An item with cult-status among beauty vloggers, this is an amazing, easy to apply heat protectant. I use it before blow-drying my hair and straightening. And speaking of blow-drying, I would definitely recommend doing that (if you don't already) and seeing if that helps your shorties stay tamed. 


Hair Oil: Orofluido Elixir. A honey-scented bottle of liquid gold. This stuff is amazing. It helps keep hair shiny, smooth, healthy-looking and frizz-free. Even better, I have yet to see it cause any grease in my locks. 


Daily Treatment: Phyto 9 Ultra-Dry Hair Nourishing Day Cream With 9 Plants. This is an amazing cream that I apply to the ends of my hair nightly before I go to sleep. I have yet to notice any new split ends since introducing this product to my routine. I would highly suggest you try this out to prevent further shorties from popping up. 

Re: broken hairs at the top of my head

I had this issue after having my son. Sometimes change in hormones can cause "waves" of hair to shed and then grow back. I lost about 1/4 of my hair about 2-3 months after giving birth and then it came back and I had literally two different hair lengths.  


My good friend went off birth control and the same thing happened to her. 


If this is the case, your hair should grow in after the hormone change levels out.

Re: broken hairs at the top of my head

Give your scalp a massage every day for 10 minutes and flip your head upside down for about 2 minutes to get the blood circulating around the follicles. Eat eggs and poultry for protein, your hair is protein so it requires it to grow. Drink plenty of water to hydrate and eat plenty almonds, fish and dark green vegetables. Biotin also helps, and check your iron intake too. And make sure to maintain the health and moisture of your hair using hydrating hair masks, like the Moroccan argan oil hair mask from Pro Naturals

Re: broken hairs at the top of my head

If you want to stop it from happening from here on out, then I've read that using a nozzle with the blowdryer and not directing the heating too close to the root helps.  If you just want to make it look like you don't have any broken hairs, then use John Freida's Full Repair Flyaway Tamer.  It's amazing.

Re: broken hairs at the top of my head

What is the texture of these hairs? Are they thin and fine but just prone to frizz and sticking out? Are they coarse and wiry, thus causing them to jut outward? To avoid layering heavy silicone taming sprays and serums onto roots and having the top of your hair looking greasy or matted down, try a target product like Ojon's Rare Blend Oil Tamer (this is a relatively new product and not yet on, but is on Ojon's site.


rare blend™ Tamer


A slightly less costly alternative is John Frieda's Full Repair Flyaway Tamer.


Both options rely on lightweight formulas to prevent masking strands and making them weighted applied with a spoolie brush and wand. This allows precise application to flyaways with minimum risk to overloading hair. They also use delicate oils to nourish hair and smooth without being sticky or causing hair to go stiff.

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