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best streightner for course curly hair?

best straightener for very curly hair? my hair never gets straight when I try

Re: best streightner for course curly hair?

I have very course frizzy hair and the iron that works best for me is the Sedu Revolution iron. My hair was noticeably silkier after using it. My previous one was the Chi and I'll never go back Smiley Happy

Re: best streightner for course curly hair?

Hi jvazzz! That's funny you posted this, I literally just stepped out of a GHD brand training!  I've used their products before, but they gave us some useful tips and clarification on their different stylers and I think they would be best for your hair type.  


I, personally, would recommend that you look into the GHD Gold Professional.  It's going to be perfect for your course, curly hair.  The ceramic plates heat up to 365 degrees, which is the optimal temperature to straighten/style hair without melting the keratin in your hair and causing breakage/damage.  Each GHD styler is also designed to maintain this 365 degree temperate in it's plates the entire time you are styling your hair. (In other stylers, the longer you are straightening your hair, the hotter the plates get - thus damaging your hair towards the end of your styling session.) 


Each GHD also has a shut off time of 30 minutes, so you don't have to worry about your carpet or counter getting burned if you forget to turn it off if you're in a rush! (Or if you're like me, thinking your apartment is going to burn to the ground.)  


The GHD will leave your hair super shiny and will ensure that your straight style lasts. Smiley Happy 


Check them out! 








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