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Has anyone tried the Amika hair products line? it has hair straighteners, blow dryers and clip less curling irons. I have the straightening iron which is a basic flat iron however, i love it bc it can curl my hair too. I was looking into getting the clipless curling iron since that would be a lot faster I assume. I just wanted to know if anyone has tried it out, or any other clipless curling irons they can recommend, preferably under $70 and not online . Smiley Happy merry xmasSmiley Happy

Re: amika

I have tried the clipless curling irons and I had a hard time using them.  I tried several different ones and I am just not coordinated enough I guess to use one.  I think they take more time than a regular curling iron with a clip.  But that's just my opinion.  Like I said, it may be that I'm just not coordinated enough to use one.  The only way to really know is to get one and try it out.

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Re: amika

i have a gold amika flat iron. I like it a lot but I don't love it. Itdoes indeed make your hair super super shiny but i find it takes longer to straighten. I have a lot a lot a lot of hair. It is thick and I would say wavy I have to add pruduct to make it curly and I have to style it to make it straight. I have to go extremly slow with this iron to get it stright. Also my straightening iron is the fat wide kind so I cannot curl it or make waves. i have been using a pink thinner iron from tjmaxx (i think it is called cybex) lately. I am going to invest in a thin chi iron. I realized I like the thinner irons better than the wide ones.


However I am excited about the amika curling rod (they call it an iron) to me it is just a rod. I really want to try that out....i know it takes practice but since I got curling my hair with a straightener down I think I will be able to handle a rod as well. I asked for it for christmas and didnt get it but I am going to purchase it soon. I believe it  will make super shiny curls since the straightener leaves your hair super shiny.


Anyway my take on the brand is it is good quality and I still want to try other products by it but it is not my favorite straightening iron kind.

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