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Will hair dye go over my dark brown hair?

I have dark brown Asian hair and want to dye it so that it looks magenta in the sunlight. If i just use a bright temporary dye over my natural color without bleaching, will it create this effect? I do not want it to be super vibrant, just have a subtler color shine in the light. 

Re: Will hair dye go over my dark brown hair?

Hi, I'm a Hairstylist, And the thing about adding Vivid colors to hair is a tricky thing. But i won't go into all of it, i'll just tell you that to get that subtle color you hair needs to be a medium light brown, Putting Magenta over dark hair will do absolutely nothing. You have to lighten your hair, and doing it yourself is a bad idea. You can really do some damage. The best thing is to go to a salon, We know what were doing. 

Re: Will hair dye go over my dark brown hair?

I really love the look of deep red hair. I've been dying my hair red for six years now & it's always been kind of difficult to find a good deep red shade. I use Manic Panic's Amplified formula in Vampire Red, over my non-bleached dark auburn-brown hair, & I leave it on for 12 hours. The great thing about this dye is that it's completely chemical free, so you can leave it on, & touch it up as much as you want, without it harming your hair. The longer you leave it, the longer the color will last. My only complaint about this product is that it makes an incredible mess! It stains like crazy, but if you bleach your tub afterwards, everything goes back to normal. I definitely recommend using Vaseline on your ears & hairline to prevent stained skin. Though this product creates a mess, if you use proper precaution, you should be fine. The color outcome definitely outshines the mess! It made my hair a beautiful blood red! I am very impressed with the color, & it doesn't seem to fade easy on my non-bleached, dark auburn-brown hair. (A great tip for a quick color-refresher is to add the dye into your conditioner and let it sit for a while). It really helps a ton if you have hair that fades quickly. If you're worried about the color being too vivacious, dilute it with a little bit of conditioner. I love this stuff & I think this would be perfect for what you're looking for.

Re: Will hair dye go over my dark brown hair?

I have natural brown hair too. When I was in high school my parents wouldn't let me bleach my hair, but I was allowed to to put semi-permanent dye in it. I would put Beyond the Zone semi-permanent dye in my hair. The dye would pretty much just tint my hair, and it just washes out a little bit everytime you wash your hair. I did red multiple times and blue once, never magenta though so it could work. You can find Beyond the Zone at Sally Beauty Supply, I also like Manic Panic and you can find it there too.


Raspberry Kamikazie

beyond the zone raspberry kamikazie.jpg

Pretty Flamingo

manic panic pretty flamingo.jpg


These are just the colors I though were pretty magenta-ee. They have plenty of other colors!

Re: Will hair dye go over my dark brown hair?

Thanks so much for the specific color/brand suggestions!

Re: Will hair dye go over my dark brown hair?

OOh I've used that pretty flamingo, I love it! Smiley Happy
Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Hi princessbrenna,   I have naturally dark brown hair and...

Hi princessbrenna,


I have naturally dark brown hair and can tell you from experience that the best way to lighten your hair is to get it professionally done if you are going to extremes or want highlights.


That being said, you CAN have some luck with wash out temporary hair dyes that are for dark hair types and add that red, violet, or burgundy tint. Smiley Happy  the 24-36 wash types are bit healthier than a permanent and will gradually fade out so you won't have to worry about funny looking roots too!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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