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Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Let's just put it this way...I wanted a natural looking ombre on my dark blonde hair. I went to my colorist the other day to get the bottom portion of my hair lightened a little more than the rest of my hair and it came out gold, but not quite brassy which I later used a purple shampoo to tone it down since he didn't put a toner on me after he applied the color. No big deal right?



Well anyway, I was going for the Lauren Conrad ombre look and soon realized it just wasn't meant for me after he colored it. No offense to my colorist, he did a great job for someone that has many layers and side bangs, but I personally don't like the look on me. So I plan on going in on Saturday to hopefully (crossing my fingers) to get something along the lines of this look:hr.jpg

I really adore the way the light hits those colors, it's ungodly gorgeous in my opinion and compliments the model's skin tone perfectly. I know it won't look like this on me, but we do share close to the same skin tone. I truly hope the ombre comes out :/ I'm a perfectionist when it comes to detail and colors, so the littlest thing wrong (which may not be wrong in someone else's eyes) will bug me like nobody's business! 


Anybody else out there had a bad experience with ombre or it just wasn't meant for you? What was the process you used in order to get rid of the ombre effect or did you go to a salon and get it professionally corrected?

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Yeah, just not my personal style. Hey if you like it that's all that matters Smiley Very Happy

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

@dianabt  would love to see a pic of your hair once you do the light ombre!

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

We will see what happens... LOL my hair is dark brown right now with bangs- I ended up stalking a Kardashians Instagram account to find the right shade of brown/coloring I want! If it's too much I may just attempt some chunks of caramely blonde color! Smiley Happy  and always when in doubt.. put clip in extensions haha.

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Great idea to research the color based on an actual person who has the color you want! ohhh I like the idea of clip in extensions!


I love the carmel blonde color. I aim for it when I foil my highlights. If I get too light I individually tone it down to get it a darker blonde.



Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

doing the roots of my highlights tonight!

photo-96 2.jpg


Spyski I would LOVE to see an updated picture if you get the chance/want to post one Smiley Happy



Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Wow you highlight you hair, so cool. The only thing I can do is trimming my hair bangs.

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Oh I haven't forgotten, just waiting for a day I wear my hair down. Been one of those weeks at work...


Happy root lifting!

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Wow, I really like that look roxystar4! Is that your hair?!

Can you tell me what level of color is underneath the caramel highlights? 

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

@spyski  this is a pic of my current hair.  It is my natural hair color under the highlights.  I'd say I am a medium brown. I think I am probably a 6. I have some natural red/gold highlights if I am out in the sun a lot (which hasnt been for a few years). 


I like to foil my own highlights because I don't want a ton of them.  I want them to look like the sun created them (and I also use them to help cover up a gray patch I have).


If I bleach for too long (may happen on the roots or highlights I did first), I tone them with a Medium Neutral blonde. 



Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

All this hair talk makes me wish I could just do my hair myself! But since it's so dark and now I'm older and know NOT to just dump bleach on it, I want to really be more careful and have it look good. 


The worst is the brassy orange growing out fade.. not so flattering on anyone Smiley Sad 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Don't do it yourself (unless you know what you're doing), it will be fine especially in the hands of a professional colorist Smiley Happy

You should post before/after pics up when you get it done because I'm sure it will look great since your hair appears to be dark already. Where I went wrong, I have naturally ash brown hair and have been using different tones of blonde on it for the past years. Since it was already shades of blonde, the bottom of my hair just looks washed out compared to the top. Believe me, you won't have this problem. 

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