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Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Let's just put it this way...I wanted a natural looking ombre on my dark blonde hair. I went to my colorist the other day to get the bottom portion of my hair lightened a little more than the rest of my hair and it came out gold, but not quite brassy which I later used a purple shampoo to tone it down since he didn't put a toner on me after he applied the color. No big deal right?



Well anyway, I was going for the Lauren Conrad ombre look and soon realized it just wasn't meant for me after he colored it. No offense to my colorist, he did a great job for someone that has many layers and side bangs, but I personally don't like the look on me. So I plan on going in on Saturday to hopefully (crossing my fingers) to get something along the lines of this look:hr.jpg

I really adore the way the light hits those colors, it's ungodly gorgeous in my opinion and compliments the model's skin tone perfectly. I know it won't look like this on me, but we do share close to the same skin tone. I truly hope the ombre comes out :/ I'm a perfectionist when it comes to detail and colors, so the littlest thing wrong (which may not be wrong in someone else's eyes) will bug me like nobody's business! 


Anybody else out there had a bad experience with ombre or it just wasn't meant for you? What was the process you used in order to get rid of the ombre effect or did you go to a salon and get it professionally corrected?

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Good ideas >.<

I'll put the curling wand to it sometime this week. I always feel "put together" when I wand my hair. Like the same feeling ya get when ya put on a good pair of pumps!

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Oooo, can't wait to see! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Gorgeous, I really like it! 

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Thanks kenny, hope to style it soon when I have the time! Smiley Happy

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Your welcome, it'll look so pretty curled

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Looks gorgeous Spyski, I love it!

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

That's sweet of you Smiley Happy Thanks!

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

You've been given some good advice and it seems like a ton of ladies on the board have already rocked the ombre trend (including me). Last fall I did a medium purple ombre which I loved!


What I liked most about it is the fact that it was relatively easy to maintain. I find that ombre and end dyed tresses look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G curled. It just adds the perfect pretty amount of depth with little to no effort.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

I got my ombre redone at a different salon by a nice little grandmother lady.

She goes "I'm not usually one to say this to a customer, but the girl who did your ombre really didn't know what she was doing."

It took me months to realize, but she was TOTALLY right.  First of all, the girl at the other salon complained about how her manager thinks she is unprofessional the whole time.  Ummm...YOU ARE!!  Then she put highlights in the very top WITHOUT ASKING ME and that ruined the look.  I was just happy my hair was blonde again, but as it grew out a little, it just looked like I had blonde highlights that grew out instead of the ombre look.  She also didn't make the middle even and there were so many lines of demarcation.


This lady really did a nice job...since I'm pregnant I only did a partial, and she did caramel in the middle and a really nice light blonde on the bottom.  I love it.  When I have the baby and have a break I am going to go back so she can darken up the top again so it really looks like ombre and NO highlights.  She said she can't wait to have me come back so she can finish fixing it.  This is honestly the first time I have ever had someone do my hair who I WANT to go back to.  And now I want to call the other salon (Regis) and tell them how much their girl sucked, but it was months ago and she moved to Texas, and I don't even know her name.

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Yikes! That sucks, but at least you found a better colorist!

I had to get mine fixed a few weeks after I first had it done, but now I only get it colored 2x a year. We went with hair painting instead of foils to preserve my length & I do get a few highlights put it, but they aren't close to the root, just to add some dimension (face frame & few scattered around). I like the way it looks when it grows out; I still have the ombre below & I get that "post summer no dye" look on the crown. 

It's such an easy low-maintenance color choice & looks great with or without highlights. My issue is gray hair! I started getting grays when I was 16, but since I've been getting it highlighted most of my life & I have so much hair it really hasn't been an issue. Since I stopped getting my roots done as often I notice them a lot more. Of course other people don't, but I know they are there Smiley Sad I wonder how much longer I can keep going until they really become an issue. The other thing I'm battling is my long hair. I recently turned 30 and notice that unless your a model most people over 30 don't have super long hair. It's so thick & I hate blowdrying so layers & bobs don't really work for me. The length it's at now I've had for 2 years and I finally feel comfortable with it. 

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

I just got mine done yesterday at the salon. Smiley Happy 1176245_715299305152779_396280424_n.jpg

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