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Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Let's just put it this way...I wanted a natural looking ombre on my dark blonde hair. I went to my colorist the other day to get the bottom portion of my hair lightened a little more than the rest of my hair and it came out gold, but not quite brassy which I later used a purple shampoo to tone it down since he didn't put a toner on me after he applied the color. No big deal right?


Well anyway, I was going for the Lauren Conrad ombre look and soon realized it just wasn't meant for me after he colored it. No offense to my colorist, he did a great job for someone that has many layers and side bangs, but I personally don't like the look on me. So I plan on going in on Saturday to hopefully (crossing my fingers) to get something along the lines of this look:

I really adore the way the light hits those colors, it's ungodly gorgeous in my opinion and compliments the model's skin tone perfectly. I know it won't look like this on me, but we do share close to the same skin tone. I truly hope the ombre comes out :/ I'm a perfectionist when it comes to detail and colors, so the littlest thing wrong (which may not be wrong in someone else's eyes) will bug me like nobody's business! 


Anybody else out there had a bad experience with ombre or it just wasn't meant for you? What was the process you used in order to get rid of the ombre effect or did you go to a salon and get it professionally corrected?

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

I got my hair colored ombre once a few months ago and she charged me $250 and was like "it will look even better when you come to get it touched up in 6 weeks."  I was like, yeah right, see you never.  I went for ombre because I wanted blonde but I DIDN'T want to be at the salon every 2 months.  PLUS the girl put highlights at my roots, which I DID NOT want, without asking me, so those grew out and I am still left with the same problem.


I should have used purple shampoo from the beginning, because I do look brassy.  I am going to get it done again, somewhere else, before my sister's wedding in August.  But until then, I do like it better than my super lame dark-blondeish dishwater-that-doesn't-have-the-right-tones-to-be-brown-but isn't-blonde-either hair.

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

LOL!  I love that description "

dark-blondeish dishwater-that-doesn't-have-the-right-tones-to-be-brown-but isn't-blonde-either hair".  That pretty well sums me up.  Just add in some grey for highlights!  I keep telling myself that I'm blonde and I'm glad to have more time out in the sun because I do get some highlights.  The perm does highlight it, too.  (I can't imagine doing color and perm and I'd rather have "

dark-blondeish dishwater-that-doesn't-have-the-right-tones-to-be-brown-but isn't-blonde-either hair" than "straight-thing-hangs-at-the-face-doing-nothing hair".)


Good luck with the coloring.  Researching what color someone else used is good, but remember that everyone's hair texture takes color differently so do trust your stylist to try to get you to the color you want (if you have someone good, that is).

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Two hudgy and fiddy dollas (jaw drops)

No wonder I didn't get a toner on top of my ombre! I didn't even spend half that. I think communication is key with stylists. I told mine that I need alot more time to discuss with him what I really want and not what he just in visions in his head. You should totally try this shampoo called Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning shampoo. It's comparable to Shimmer Lights but isn't as harsh on the hair. It really minimizes the look of the brass and helps pull in lighter ashy tones. Purple shampoo is blonde hair's saving grace!

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

I know...she charged me, like, $20 for each extra inch I swear, past "long hair" which they consider shoulder length.  Plus lowlights at the top, and a whole bunch of other crap.  Will never go back there.

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

I'll have to try that shampoo, thanks!

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

what about having a colorist do a bunch of low lights (similar to the color of your roots)? That way you can have that beachy look and have the blonde peek through on the bottom but it wont be completely blonde. ?



I LOVE that models hair - looks super natural but beachy- have you thought of having your colorist try Balayage?

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Low lights are a great idea, I will collaborate some of these suggestions and see what he thinks on Saturday! 


Yes, I love balayage. That's how he usually does my hair, but then I was feeling rebellious...and well you catch my drift. Haha



Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

I've colored several of my friends hair to the ombre effect and they loved it, but it was also what they wanted to go for.


Depending on your hair's color and condition, it's always safest to go to a salon and leave it in the hands of a professional, they will also be the best at handling hair that may be previously color treated or highlighted to match the bottom, ombre areas back to the rest of the hair.


If you're looking for a quicker, temporary fix or transition at home and find your ombre to be too stark in contrast to the rest of your hair, try purchasing a semi permanent color in a few shades up from the ombre portion but still slighter than your natural color or the color that is the upper portions. Do a strand test and leave the color on hair for about half of the time suggested. This will ensure not as high of a level of saturation occurs and if you do wish the color to be upped some, you can do another strand test and find a good time to leave the semi permanent color in for. As the color washes out it can give you some time to see if you might want to stick with the look or just alter it entirely.




Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

I've had ombre for almost 2 years now & love it. If you're not happy with it, go back & get it fixed. To not harm my long dirty blonde hair too much, my colorist didn't do a single process, but used the hair painting balayage technique. I had to go back & get it fixed the first time because I didn't like the transition area, so they cleaned it up with a few more highlights & bit more color on the ends. I now get it colored just twice a year. It's so easy & effortless. 

Just call them & tell them you're not happy & you want it fixed. Make sure to bring in photos of what you want & talk to your colorists. 

Re: Who has or had ombre colored hair?

Glad to see someone who loves their ombre! Thanks for the advice Smiley Happy

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