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Which hair color

Hello, I want to try out Splat washable hair dye for the first time and I want to to know which color to dip dye my hair. I have olive skins tones and brown hair with gold tones. The color choices are blue, red, pink and purple. The dyes are only temporary and last for only a day so I know the colors are a bit outrageous. Please help, thank you

Hi Beckybeccabec,   It looks like you already have some g...

Hi Beckybeccabec,


It looks like you already have some great recommendations! It's hard to say which one will be better for you. I've had my hair both purple and red! I had to touch it up at least once a week to keep the color looking fresh. Try also looking at your wardrobe and pick one that will match well with that. You will also need to bleach your hair before you apply the color, so that's another thing to consider.

<3 Melissa

lylysa has provided you with some great advice!    The on...

lylysa has provided you with some great advice! 


The only other thing I'd suggest is applying the dye with a hair color brush, it'll help you to get even color. Couture Colour makes a colorist tools kit which contains a number of really helpful tools that will help making the dying process much easier. Using a smock is always a better choice over a towel and having a mixing bowl is ideal plan on mixing in a bit of conditioner to your color.



Couture Colour - Professional Colourist Tools 6 Piece Accessory Kit

Whimsically yours,

It would depend on how dark of a brown your hair is.   I'...

It would depend on how dark of a brown your hair is.


I've worked with the Splat colors in their semi-permanent form, not the washables, and every time I've worked with them I've had to bleach a client's hair out first.


If the washable colors are anything like their semi-permanent forms, the pink is gorgeous. I know the semi-permanent one glows under black light. But again, whether or not the color will show as is on undyed hair is another story. Since it's washable in a day, why not grab a few tubes of color and try them out.


To help give a bit more of an ombre/faded/dip dyed look, try mixing a bit of conditioner in with the color and applying that to hair first and then leaving the ends to apply the washable dye directly so it has more of a gradient farther than just a solid chunk of color separated from your natural color.


Best of luck! When my cousin wanted to go lavender/lilac she bought the purple semi-perm Splat and had me mix it with conditioner (as is common practice for making pastel colored hair dye) and for some reason Splat's semi-perm formula didn't take with the conditioner very well, the color didn't soak in much. I tried this technique with Manic Panic on another friend and it worked great, so it really is dependant on the brand. Keep in mind, both Manic Panic and Splat I used were the semi-perm, not a wash out in one day formula so you may have different results, but conditioner will in general prevent colors from taking on and being absorbed too much by the hair, allowing for a softer color.


Always do a test swatch on a lock of hair first.

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