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Which flat iron to buy?

Hi ,


I am looking for a new flat iron. My hairs are long, healthy and wavy.I am looking for Flat iron to get rid of frizz and to have smoothness/style.


Which flat iron and product do you guys recommend ,that won't damage hairs ?

Re: Which flat iron to buy?

Thanks Ladies.I ended up buying GHD classic and Bamboo Theraml protection spray but could not find time to  try both yet and its been 10 days  Smiley Sad

Re: Which flat iron to buy?

I have the Sedu Revolution and I love it. I have thick hair and a lot of it and most of my hair is naturally curly. 

Re: Which flat iron to buy?

Hi Alkapassi,


Also make sure that you are using a heat protecting spray! It makes a huge difference and coats your hair so it doesn't fry your hair.



<3 Melissa

Re: Which flat iron to buy?

Thanks for suggestion.Any one has experience with these ?

Re: Which flat iron to buy?

Hi alkapassi,


Do keep in mind that when using any heat product very minor damage can occur. It's important to always pair your hot tools with a thermal protectant to minimize slight damage even further.


I'd say go with a T3 or Drybar's Smooth Operator flat iron. Both are designed to keep the hair healthy and hydrated when used. swfupload_3734406485573272580.jpg


Whimsically yours,
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