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Which flat iron/straightener is best?

Hey ladies,


I'm looking to buy a new flat iron/straightener. My hair is thick, wavy, and frizzy. I straighten my hair every day (I use a heat protector, no worries!) and I've previously only used a Chi, but all the ones I've had have broken or don't help me get the silky straightness I get when I go to the salon. Suggestions?



Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

I've had my GHB for five years and its still going strong.  It gets super hot, like 400 ish degrees.

Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

GHD 2" is my fave.  it's great for my fine curly hair, but the best for my daughters' thick curly hair. 


Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

I have the T3 Manetamer. I love it.


Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

What ever kind of flat iron that you buy make sure it has a ceramic plate they are best for your hair.

Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

I would like to state that I have not bought or used any of the irons sold by Sephora. They may be fabulous for all I know! Now, I have bought a variety of irons from other brands through the years. The most expensive being a PYT flat iron at $239.00. It was okay, does what it says, but doesn't perform any better than less expensive brands. What PYT does right is use solid ceramic plates... rather than ceramic coated metal plates. If you use a flat iron frequently, ceramic coats wear off and damage hair. What PYT does wrong create a sharp edge on their plates to scrape over hair, thus creating some damage?! The cheapest would have been you're typical Walmart/Walgreens $19.99 type jobs. Really not the best for even heat and damage protection. The best iron was a Jibere deep curve smoothing iron from Salley's. It was around $40.00. It created volume from the root, and smoothed the length, while creating shape in a single sweep. I used it to death, and can't find another! If you're interested, I hope you can! LoL The irons I'm thinking of trying next are Solia and Sedu.

Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

Best flat iron I have ever used is the Karmin and as a professional hairstylist I have used many brands!

Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

My hair isnt very thick but it is wavy and does frizz up often.  For years I swore by an Ion straightener that I would purchase from Sallys every few years.  When the latest died I wanted to try something new and couldnt decide so I went with a $30 Remmington ceramic straightener from Ulta until I did more research on the next one.  It does just as good a job as my $100 ion straightener did.  My hair is long and I can straighten it in 10-15 minutes when I take my time.  

Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

I've been using TS-2 Millennium Professional Flat Iron and absolutely love it.  I didn't expect to since I'd never heard of the brand and while it wasn't the cheapest one I'd tried it also wasn't the most expensive one either.  I actually find it a lot more comfortable to hold (I have a thick head of hair so this is key) and easier to use than all the other ones I've tried, Chi included.  I use with my Davines Oi serum & Davines This is a Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid and my hair feels quite silky afterwards.  (And like you, my hair is also thick, wavy, and frizzy.) One thing I love about this iron is the way the tip of the iron is, it makes it easier to get all the way to the root.


Also, do you make sure your hair is COMPETELY dry before straightening?  I'm sure you do, but I've found the days I get lazy and don't my hair never feels and looks as good as when I do.


That said, I also had a T3 rep once use their straightener on me (Singlepass Professional) and I thought it also did a nice job.  I also have the Ghd Limited Edition Pastel Collection Classic Flat Iron Styler, Periwinkle, 1 Inch coming in the mail this week (It was a gift, otherwise I'd stick with the TS-2 as I've been quite happy). so I'm curious to see how it compares.

Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

I've actually been using a Sephora brand straightener for years. It's just as good as the really pricy ones but way less money. You should definitely look into them.

Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

Don't get Nume! I followed all the Youtubers and purchased it and it could not straighten my hair. No matter how little of it I took (I have thick wavy frizzy hair).  


My $19 straightener from TJ Maxx works way better. 

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