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Which flat iron/straightener is best?

Hey ladies,


I'm looking to buy a new flat iron/straightener. My hair is thick, wavy, and frizzy. I straighten my hair every day (I use a heat protector, no worries!) and I've previously only used a Chi, but all the ones I've had have broken or don't help me get the silky straightness I get when I go to the salon. Suggestions?



Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

Being that i'm a Hairstylist, I've usd the Babyliss on All different types of hair, from thin to super thick, Frizzy, and Super curly. All of my Friends who are Stylist also prefer to use the Babyliss. I haven't met too many people who don't like it. And the ones who don't like it, have different styles than the Ultra Thin one inch. And i'm not a fan of the other styles.

Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

Hi, I'm a Hair Stylist so i have some experience with different flat irons. I used the Chi for awhile on myself till i came across the Babyliss. It's my Absolute Favorite. So many things i love about it compared to many others. It isn't sold in Sephora though. Its around $100-$129 and i've had mine forever. The one i have the the Ultra thin, It's about once inch in width so it's awesome for curling hair also. You can make curls tight or really loose. And the legnth of the plates are longer than normal so i can get more hair done faster. And you control the temp. which is a must. Not everyones hair can handle the same temp. But don't turn it on too high. I think Ulta might sell it. I tried it once and i'm hooked. It works on all the clients ive used it on and i love it for my hair. I have extremely frizzy hair with alittle wave. I spend maybe 7 minutes straightening my hair. And it's Long. So you might want to look into it. 


The Paul Mitchell Flat iron is nice as well, But after having the Babyliss i love the longer plates. I couldn't get used to another flat iron. But that might work for you. 

Try to always get one that you control the temp. 

Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

Loooove my Babybliss straightener. I've had for for 8 years, and it's STILL going strong. I feel like I need to replace it just because I've had it for so long, but it's still in fantastic condition.

Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

I've heard wonderful things about babyliss too, though I've never used it.

Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

I love my Croc. My hair is thick and wavy, plus it's down to my hips. The Croc heats up evenly, never tugs at my hair, and allows for adjustable temperature control.


I know the site Folica has a bunch of indepth reviews on plenty of hair tool brands just like how Sephora offers so many on beauty products!



Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

I also have thick, wavy, and very frizzy hair and the Sultra flat iron has done miracles! You can find it below.


It's a bit  pricy, but it's worth every penny!

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