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Which briogeo shampoo for really dry scalp?

Hello everyone!

My brother is in serious need of a new shampoo and I am wondering which one to make him buy. Between Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-exfoliating Scalp Scrub Shampoo 8 oz/ 236 mL and Briogeo Superfoods Banana + Coconut Nourishing Shampoo 12.5 oz / 369 mL which one would be the best for his REALLY dry scalp. Which do you guys prefer? Experiences? He has long and curly hair (Jon Snow style but blonde). Thank you so much!!

Re: Which briogeo shampoo for really dry scalp?

The charcoal exfoliating shampoo in my opinion would be a great choice as a weekly or biweekly clarifying shampoo, but theres much better options for that.  

I personally wouldn’t recommend it for daily use.

Re: Which briogeo shampoo for really dry scalp?

The banana coconut! Id recommend he use the banana coconut conditioner as well . If he is shampooing too often it can be causing the dryness. Hydrating shampoos are more gentle obviously for dry hair. 
 Another recommendation would be to check any and all products he uses in his hair. Look for ingredients that would be causing *product buildup*!!!! 

 If the hair is built up and coated with silicones, waxes, etc-  it may prevent the hair from receiving any moisture , or it can just make it feel like tangly hay. Look into product buildup, ways & directions to remove this.(clarifying shampoos). Washing your hair too much strips it of natural oils and causes damage additionally. It’s actually unwise to shampoo daily , it can really off balance natural oil production. This in turn creates more oiliness,  dryness, or combination hair. (Oily top /brittle ends). 

  High quality, clean products which don’t contain parabens, silicones , sulfates etc will help to prevent effects of  buildup; dry , brittle , tatty hair. Shampooing less with will help retain natural oils in the scalp and hair. Id also recommend looking into more of a *low/no-poo* (shampoo) routine. 

If he uses oils; Some oils such as avocado oil , coconut oil & olive oil actually penetrate your hair and can hydrate it , where as some only coat the outer layer of hair. Distinguish the differences between them if he uses oils , and when each oil should be implemented into his haircare routine. For example a coating oil such as jojoba oil is best used after a hydrating treatment to help lock in the moisture, but does not penetrate and can potentially block or inhibit the moisture absorption if added to hair beforehand. 


*Hydration is essential* . Diet also plays a huge role in hair and skin health. 


Ingredients in your products are incredibly important though! 🙂 I hope this helps! 

RE: Re: Which briogeo shampoo for really dry scalp?

Thank you so much! I ordered it for him !! 😊
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