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Which GHD styler?

Hi! I have very thick hair with a longish bang, and would like to buy my first flat iron. Since I'm new, I figured I would just make the investment of a GHD, but am unsure of which size. I want to use it on my bangs (think Emma Stone bangs), but would also like to be able to straighten my hair and curl too!


Is 1" or 2" more appropriate?


And GHD or T3??



Re: Which GHD styler?

if your hair is thick and sleek then you might be able to get away with a 2". but if your hair is textured and more unruly at the roots id suggest a 1" so you can get as close to your scalp as possible without getting a bump upper to mid shaft. i swear by the chi air smart. its inexpensive and reaches a pretty high temp. easy to use and heats up fast. also has plates that allow you to curl your hair also. 

Re: Which GHD styler?

i have a GHD and I honestly wouldnt recommend it.  It only has one temperature setting, so you wont be able to adjust the temperature if it is too hot for you.  I find mine to be too hot, and it makes my hair look damaged.  I would recommend looking into other brands that have varying temperature settings.  I have heard good things about the T3.

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