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Where to start for a target of frizzy hair

Hii! So, I noticed that my hair has been frizzy these past months. The texture of it changed and is just frizzy! I heard that hot showers are bad and dry out your scalp so I started to take colder showers for my scalp but I still end up with frizzy hair. I also donโ€™t know if itโ€™s cause I blow dry my hair, but if it is, I donโ€™t know an alternative cause either way when I dry it, it would frizz up. In addition, I want to start getting into a hair routine and have healthy hair. All I do right now is use shampoo and conditioner. Are there any recommended hair oils or moisturizers I could put overnight? If so, how do I incorporate it in my routine? Thank you for your time!!


Re: Where to start for a target of frizzy hair

Here is something I like to do to help with my hair. Find (or buy) an empty spray bottle & fill it up with water. Every night before bed, I brush or comb out any tangles & shedding hairs - you can do this with wet or dry hair. With wet hair (whether you made your hair wet before or after brushing/combing), put in a hair oil & then braid your hair. Sleep in the braid over night & wake up the next morning. 

My frizz loves hydration & moisture. I do have a blend of 2c-3b wave/curl that is considerably course/thick, high porosity Caucasian hair (& a lot of it) that reached mid-back/waist length.


I do put a small amount of leave-in conditioner within my spray bottle of water because it helps my hair - but that may not work for everybody. 



Re: Where to start for a target of frizzy hair


Hi there, is your new frizz starting from the root or is it localized to certain areas like mid-shaft and ends? 

Re: Where to start for a target of frizzy hair

Sorry for responding a few days later, but it doesnโ€™t frizz up as much near the roots, mostly mid-shaft.

Re: Where to start for a target of frizzy hair


No worries! We all have busy lives ๐Ÿ™‚ Generally speaking (because I canโ€™t see your hair of course) when you have frizz that is more localized to particular areas and not all over , this is damage. You need to add back in some hydration (and possibly strength) and your hair wonโ€™t appear frizzy. 
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