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What your favorite deep conditioning treatment?

I bleached sections of my hair about 5 years ago (in middle school). The woman who did them warned me about permanent damage, but I didn't listen and now have randomly placed fried/frizzy spots even though the hair has completely grown out and been cut off. 

If anyone else has damaged like this what are you doing to counter it? I have long thin wavy hair. I'm mostly looking for a longer-term solution like a frizz treatment done at a salon but any leave in conditioners or shampoo/conditioner regimens would be helpful too. I live in the Seattle are of Washington so any salon here or in Bellevue is good.



Re: What your favorite deep conditioning treatment?

DermOrganic Masque. No contest.

Re: What your favorite deep conditioning treatment?

You were all so helpful!! Thanks a bunch <3

Re: What your favorite deep conditioning treatment?

I love products like It's a 10 Deep Conditioning Mask, Frederik Fekkai's Shea Butter Hair Mask, Redken's Real Control Mask, and Joico's K Pak Deep Reconstructor.


The first two are better at imparting moisture, softening, and conditioning hair while the last two are better at stregnthening and repairing by targetting damage with proteins like silk amino acids and keratin.


I'm not sure how long your hair is, but getting regular trims can help remove frazzled ends, dryness, and areas just beyond repair. 


In terms of a shampoo/conditioner regiment to help, try Living Proof. The line all around is meant to combat and tame frizz, but they also segment into their Restore line (to repair dry or damaged hair) to their Full line (to boost volume and body). They're little starter kits if you're looking to give it a try, the Restore line would help tackle frizz and the damaged portions of your hair and you can always supplement a deep conditioning treatment or mask weekly. The line doesn't use heavy silicones or waxes, so you get the benefits of all the conditioning ingredients of absorbing into strands while they use a polyfluroester to do the smoothing and taming.

Re: What your favorite deep conditioning treatment?

I love the Carol's Daughter Monoi line- especially the mask! It's really effective at repairing damage and smells amazing! Smiley Happy

Re: What your favorite deep conditioning treatment?

I got highlights about a year ago and then semi-permanently dyed my hair dark brown so as to make the highlights fade a little/look balayage as they grow out... coconut oil has been my savior! I too have fine wavy hair that turns into more curly-ringlets at the nape of my neck (this hair is especially fragile) and coconut oil once a week has really helped with the health of my hair. I would say it does not do too much in the way of "softness" but it imparts a lot of shine and also helps the hair look less rough. I also use a lot of products from the neutrogena Triple Moisture line - I am usually a high end snob but these products are great! In the shower I use the daily deep conditioner, as a mask I use the deep recovery hair mask, and when I get out of the shower every time I use the silk touch leave-in conditioner. I think using a leave-in conditioner is crucial (I just happen to love this one) in making your hair look and feel healthier. As for a salon treatment, when I use to highlight my hair a lot in high school I would go to any Aveda salon and get their deep conditioning treatment - looks like there is one in Bellevue square - it is amazing and smells like lemongrass if I remember correctly! But they put you under the hot air blower thing and you sit there for 30 minutes just breathing in the delicious conditioning treatment smell it is amazing. Now I need to go get one... Smiley Happy

Re: What your favorite deep conditioning treatment?

Agree about oil. I have super oily scalp so I always used harsh shampoo that dries out my hair and no conditioner. I didn't even know it was dry/frizzy until I used Alterna Kendi oil as a pre-shower treatment once, my hair just drinks it in and it tames the frizzy and makes the hair soft and shiny. I balk at spending so much for oil so I've been using a concoction of grapeseed/argan/coconut oil and it's working almost as good (don't use olive, they are heavy and weighs hair down).

Re: What your favorite deep conditioning treatment?

Try almond oil! Just take a shower. put it all over your head, put it in a bun and wash it out in the morning. style or braid and it is so soft!

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