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What should I do?

imagejpeg_0C.jpgOk, so my natural hair color is a light brown, and I get sliced foil all over highlights and lowlights. Well I'm far overdue for a touch up, as you can see, last time I went was in October. It doesn't look that bad, but I'm wondering if I should get it done again, or try to have them do an all over to get as close to my natural as I can? I'd actually like to see what my exact natural color is, I'm kind of curious. 

Re: What should I do?

It still looks beautiful now, but I think you would be stunning with a rich glossy brown and caramel highlights.

Re: What should I do?

I actually like how it looks now, perfect length for your figure as well. I know it's a pain to keep getting root touchups plus highlights/lowlights in alternation, but if cost isn't an issue I would continue what you're doing otherwise look into seeing your natural color so you can work with that instead. 

Re: What should I do?

Personally, I think you should go back to your natural color and I think you would look BEAUTIFUL with a dark glossy Chocolate brown with a few milk chocolate highlights put in!

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