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What's actually the cleaning agent in Wen?

I just started using Wen and have mixed feelings...My hair is definitely softer, but kind of heavy. Not sure how to explain.


While I give it some time before deciding if I love or hate it, I'm wondering what's the actual cleaning agent in the product... There's alcohol in the formulation - is that it? Or the cleansing part is done just by the water? Any thoughts?

Re: What's actually the cleaning agent in Wen?

It is so important to make sure you are using enough of the product... I used it maybe 8 years ago and gave up on it after a month or so. My hair felt nasty with buildup. I gave it another try about 3 years ago and I've not used one drop of regular shampoo since. I finally learned how to use it... My hair is longer and healthier than I though it could ever be. It's crazy curly and naturally very dry and frizzy.


First, I rinse my hair very thoroughly. I use heavy styling products so I have a lot of product to wash out. So I spend about a minute with just the water and my hands working through my hair. Then I wash with the WEN. really focusing in on my scalp. Then I ro she. Then I wash again and leave it in my hair for the rest of my shower. I do a final rinse. Then I put a small amount in as a leave in, focusing on my ends.  I let the towel sit for about five minutes while I get dressed. Then I put another small amount in as a styling product. Then use my usual styling products. 


It really does take time to practice and figure out what works the best for you. Smiley Happy 


Good luck!!

Re: What's actually the cleaning agent in Wen?

So...I don't use Wen but I do use DevaCurl. Its basically the same thing. They are both sulfate free cleansing systems. There is definitely a learning curve when using the sulfate free haircare system. I've been using SLS free shampoos for a couple of years. My hair freaked out a few years ago and any kind of cream/shampoo/mouse I would use would leave my hair flat and limp and curl-less. I went through a period and lots of money trying to figure out what was going on and what to do.


Before you start with the wen system there are two things you've got to do for it to work. 1. Make sure whatever styling products that you are going to use only contain water soluble silicone. If they are non-water soluble you will need a harsh sulfate shampoo to truly clean your hair. Eventually you will get a build up and your hair will be greasy, limp, heavy otherwise. Really read the labels and prepare. 2. Make sure you wash out one last time with a sulphate shampoo. You've got to make sure that you clean out any left over styling products with silicone in it.


It does take awhile psychologically to get used to a non-foaming/no-suds shampoo. We're so used to seeing the suds as sign that our hair is getting clean. Keep in mind your scalp will go through a withdrawal period where it will be making excess oil that it used to make to compensate for the sulfate shampoos that you used. Brace yourself for the oily period. You may want to use some of the SLS free shampoos that have gentle alternative sulfates that still foam up for the transition period. Maybe once a week with those.

Re: What's actually the cleaning agent in Wen?

I use the Green Tea Bamboo available at the QVC place. I have been using it for a year and it is a rice based cleanser. I have been using Wen for nearly 3 years but this is by far my favorite. You really do need to give it at least 6 weeks to start seeing a real difference but even if I use a sulfate free foaming shampoo it just leaves my hair straw like. I have fine thin wavy hair and I use Organix Light styling products. My hair became thicker and the shedding had reduced greatly after the first month or so. You have to remember it may seem like a lot of hair loss at once in the beginning but it is because with regular washing you are not stimulating the scalp and getting all of the loose hair out of the follicle . 

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