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What is your signature hairstyle?

So I know a lot of people do their hair in a certain way more than others, for example, I love rocking a side pomp or a side braid with my hair down or up, if I'm having a bad hair day. It is rarely a pomp going straight back. I started doing this when I was in junior high! Now that I am graduating college, I am trying to change it up. I did a side part yesterday for graduation photos and it looked good! 


Now I'd like to know, what is your signature hairstyle if you have one? Or what is your favorite hairstyle or even haircut?

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

Long bob, shoulder length or longer. Turned under, side part. Layers: sometimes

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

I don't cut my hair very often because I like it long. My hair usually comes up to my mid back area. My signature haircut is 2-3 inches cut all around, with layers in the front and bangs. Smiley Very Happy

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

I wear my hair down, parted straight.. Boring, and the same since I was a kid. My hair sucks and I can't do anything about it (truth: I'm lazy and don't know how).


Every so often I'll chop it to below my chin, but I like it better long, and am growing it out. It's a few inches under my clavicle now.

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

I like my long hair, so I trim it about once a year. Yeah. 

I don't really style it, I want to get as much sleep as possible in the mornings, so I guess my signature styles would be a bun or let down with a center part Smiley Happy


~We are all beautiful~

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

I have naturally wavy hair, though very fine.  My go to style is playing up the waves.  Recently I cut my hair slightly above my shoulders and I am loving the volume and bounce I can get. (Believe it or not but my husband - a die hard long hair lover- actually loved my new cut too!)


Usually my second day hair is some sort of ponytail with flair.  I love the top pomp, two side pomps, side twists, volume with headband, all with a ponytail.

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

I tend to go with a messy top knot and my bangs twisted back or to the side somehow because they're growing out and very weird if left down, otherwise it's in a pony tail

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

My hair has been through a lot with me.  It has been all sorts of color and styles.  In high school, I dyed my hair different shades of red.  Then in college, it was different shades of blond.  In graduate school I had to go conservative so I was back closer to my natural color of dark browns.  Every 3-4 years, I get this itch and I must cut my hair.  I tend to cut all my hair off to about chin length and then donating my hair (about 12-15 inches depending how long my hair was) to locks of love.


Right now my hair is brown with medium blond highlights and is mid back with long layers.  I just recently asked my hairstylist for a change so we decided to cut some loose sweeping bangs.  I really like the bangs but I'm so busy in the morning that I would rather spend time on my makeup than to style my bangs.  Therefore, I am growing them out.  I have naturally slightly wavy hair and it tends to get a little frizzy in humidity.  I usually just dry my hair with the blow dryer in the morning and then use a straightening iron with some de-frizzing serum.  When I am feeling girly, I curl my hair with a 1" curling iron.



Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

My new go to hair style is the messy french braid bun! I like to add some leave in conditioner and oil treatment then let it air dry, once its only a little damp i add some volume to my crown by teasing it then french braid it from the crown to the nape of my neck and tie it into a messy bun! I loosen it all up pull my bangs out and Bam! You have got yourself a fun professional stylish look for whatever you have to do that day! 


You can also loosely curl it first and it gives you a more formal look! 


Im sure you have seen this picture floating around via pinterest of whichever site you prefer. but this is what my hair ends up looking like!



This picture sadly does not give a tutorial on how to do it! Maybe this should be my next post a step by step tutorial on the french braid bun!?


Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

Oh please make a video tutorial and PM me! This is gorgeous!

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

That looks so good!  Sounds easy enough to attempt yet elegant enough to look difficult.  I too would like a tutorial!

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

straight hair with bangs or curly/wavy hair with bangs

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