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What is your signature hairstyle?

So I know a lot of people do their hair in a certain way more than others, for example, I love rocking a side pomp or a side braid with my hair down or up, if I'm having a bad hair day. It is rarely a pomp going straight back. I started doing this when I was in junior high! Now that I am graduating college, I am trying to change it up. I did a side part yesterday for graduation photos and it looked good! 


Now I'd like to know, what is your signature hairstyle if you have one? Or what is your favorite hairstyle or even haircut?

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

Oh please make a video tutorial and PM me! This is gorgeous!


Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

That looks so good!  Sounds easy enough to attempt yet elegant enough to look difficult.  I too would like a tutorial!

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

straight hair with bangs or curly/wavy hair with bangs

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