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What is your signature hairstyle?

So I know a lot of people do their hair in a certain way more than others, for example, I love rocking a side pomp or a side braid with my hair down or up, if I'm having a bad hair day. It is rarely a pomp going straight back. I started doing this when I was in junior high! Now that I am graduating college, I am trying to change it up. I did a side part yesterday for graduation photos and it looked good! 


Now I'd like to know, what is your signature hairstyle if you have one? Or what is your favorite hairstyle or even haircut?

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

I like to do a side part and then gentle tousle for body and that lovely just rolled out of bed from a romp look, then spray it down so it actually looks classy Smiley Very Happy

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

To be honest, it's probably a lazy bun!  I have an absurd amount of hair - every stylist I've ever been to has been completely flabbergasted by the ridiculous amount of hair I have.  It's also pretty long right now (about mid back) so it's just heavy and unruly sometimes.


I'm trying to wear it down or style it more, but after having really damaged hair as a teenager from over processing I hate putting heat to my hair!

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

Friends tend to remember my super long hair! It's past my hips and is actually wavy so it looks very beachy with little to no effort. To me it's just long hair, but to those who see/know me it's not every day they see someone with hair as long as mine so it's shocking and a memorable trait.


I do style it from time to time, from beehives, cornrows, braids, victory rolls, and curls, but no matter what it's the length that gets the attention.

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

I gotta see a pic with cornrows. Whoa!

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

I'll see if I can dig one up, it's been a long while since I've had cornrows, but man oh man, do I love it! I had blonde woven into them the last time I had them done!

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

That's insanely awesome! How did ya wash it? Something I always wondered.

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

I'd lather up my shampoo in my hands and lightly rub and scrunch the ends/hanging braids, as for my scalp/head I would kind of "push" and work the lather into the braids or put a stocking cap (pantyhose with the legs knotted and cut off) and lather it through there so it wouldn't fray or disrupt the braids so much.

Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

TAH DAH! Grrrr, baby...very grrr!

I was on my way to San Diego actually and didn't want to fuss with styling my hair for all the outings and events and figured this would just carry me into the whole trip. Worked like a charm, didn't have to fuss with my hair at all and actually caused quite a stir when I went out. Haha!


Re: What is your signature hairstyle?

Creative! I actually like the blonde showing thru, looks almost surreal like you're an action figure. I don't think I can pull that look off at all, but you sure can Smiley Very Happy

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