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Post in Best Hair Ever

What is the best flat iron ever invented??

Im looking for a VERY GOOD flat iron to straighten my fine course hair. Suggestions anyone?

Re: What is the best flat iron ever invented??

GHD GHD GHD!!!!! I can go on for days about how amazing mine is!!! A purchase you will not regret!!!!


Re: What is the best flat iron ever invented??

Chi is the best but if you want something that last longer and does amazing wonder to make hair stay smooth and straight through rain, wind and shine get a brazillian blowout! Trust me you will not be disapointed. You can wake up and go and one les step in your moring beauty routine.

Re: What is the best flat iron ever invented??

It doesn't have the cult following of the Chi, GHD, or Sedu, but this head of kinky curly frizzy hair says that the Croc flat iron is hands down the best flat iron out there. I've owned all of the popular irons, and the Croc is just fantastic.

Re: What is the best flat iron ever invented??

GHD professional is absolutely the BEST.  Ive used 5 different brand flat irons over the past 6 years or so and this one cannot be beat.  It heats up in 10 seconds and turns itself off after 30 minutes (no more "i think i left my flat iron on" freak outs!).  it straightens your hair with no frizz (i have dry, thick, wavy hair too) and can also curl (i havent tried this yet).  i know its a little expensive but its totally worth the investment.

Re: What is the best flat iron ever invented??


Re: What is the best flat iron ever invented??

oh my!!! ha ha please do because i hate sad stories!!!! either that or write a note and put it in your purse on your wallet that says the date and time and that you turned it off!!! i hope all goes well my hairs went on end when i read that!!!! 

Re: What is the best flat iron ever invented??

I use the Jose Eber Wet or Dry Titanium Hair Straightener. I used to use a CHI but was told recently that Titanium is better for your hair than ceramic. Jose Eber has a line of ceramic and titanium but even the titanium appears to be titanium plated ceramic so go figure! haha All I know is that with super long, thick, course hair I hate having to blow dry my hair (plus I live in Hawaii so with the humidity here I try to avoid having to blow dry my hair because its just too hot) the wet/dry option saves time for me and works great and leaves my hair nice and soft. 😃

Re: What is the best flat iron ever invented??

Well this depends.

The flat-irons/straighteners/straightening irons (whatever you want to call it!)

are (pretty) high end brands.
















please note: you may get a more heavy-duty ghd or sultra in place for chi, because ghd and sultra heat up at least a minute faster. you may not think 1 minute/60 seconds is a lot, but would you rather have 1 more minute or more to do whatever in the morning? yes, i think so. 🙂




i heart you.

maggie kate.

Re: What is the best flat iron ever invented??

GHD all the way, it will make any other straightener seem inferior.

Re: What is the best flat iron ever invented??

I personally LOVE the Sultra Seductress. The great thing about this tool, is that you can change the temp settings from fine to medium, or to thick hair. This way, you don't have too much unneccessary heat applied (since you mentioned you have fine hair) and I also heard from a Sephora rep that it automatically decreases the heat once you reach your ends, that way you don't damage your hair as much. One thing I did not like about the chi was that, at times it would seriously pull my hair as I was straightening, and I have never experienced this with the Sultra! It is a bit pricey, but def worth eveyr penny! My hair feels sooo soft and healthy afterwards!

Re: What is the best flat iron ever invented??

I love my CHI flatiron!! My sister, sister in law and I all have different hair types and we each have a CHI flatiron. It straightens without frying my hair and leaves it silky and smooth.

The important thing to remember is to use a thermal styling product to protect your hair.

Re: What is the best flat iron ever invented??

OMg i have that too! It works amazing!!!!!!!!!! my hair is very poofy adn curly it takes under 10 minutes! no damage invovled my sister has one and my mom and best friend katie does too!

Re: What is the best flat iron ever invented??

th ghd professional is the best thing ever invented. it litterally takes me 2-3 minutes to straighten my hair without any damage and i have very very thick and wavy hair and it makes it frizz free and soooo soft that no other straightner has ever done that. and the best part is it doesnt damage your hair... its a very good investment and its worth every penny trust me


Re: What is the best flat iron ever invented??

what are the plates made of? are they ionized are they ceramic does that really matter or are those marketing ploys? i bought a herstyler at the mall, my sister scoffed it up when i quit beauty school cause she works and has two kids and hers broke, i never asked for it back cause i never learned to make the square curls like i wanted to when i bought it, and to tell you the truth, bieng a professional stylist isnt for me, but since i mention dropping out of beauty school, let it be known it mattered less who i got along with or if i was good at it, what i got out of it even though i quit was self confidence and a belief that i can do what i want no matter my handicaps, cause i was good at it, i just had too many bad days when i missed out on school due to ilness, so i am very interested cause we never learned at that school if the different materials an iron flat or not if they are crucial in quality, instead we had to learn that darlin of a machine the marcels and stove, which even when you do well at they make you feel like walkin on egg shells, and trust me i had nightmares that they left the stove on when we left school and would call and ask them to check when no one would be there til seven am. so alittle more info would be nice about the materials that make up these products, and if you cant help i am sure someone will, why this material what does it do, why not an old flat iron? what do they do?

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